Why Are You Carrying That Empty Cup?…

I’ve kept tight-lipped about this for far too long so the time is finally here. Regular readers may remember this post about how movie and tv makers use stand-ins for the backs of actors’ heads in the infamous over-the-shoulder shots. I have since trained myself with limited success to not dwell on the foreground blur that’s supposed to be the actual actor in the scene only to transfer my observational skills to the most bothersome of all movie and tv nonsense… the EMPTY to-go coffee cup…


First off, we’ve all come to know the manner in which a cardboard cup acts when it either has a liquid in it or is empty. I, personally, have 55 years of this experience. Now that I’ve started noticing more and am completely unable to ignore it anymore, I don’t think I’ve ever seen movie of tv show that has the to-go cup with any liquid in it. Consequently, the scene breaks down because even the best actors can’t make the empty cup they hold to their mouth or set on the table look like it has liquid in it. I’ve even seen scenes where the actor takes the “last” swig and finishes the drink only to later pick the “now empty EMPTY cup” up and take a sip as though it were full again… continuity problems. I don’t really understand this problem as putting a couple ounces of water in the cup would not mean any more expense, would not present a hazard on the set if spilled and wouldn’t be something with alcohol or caffeine in it that would alter the performance. Last but not least, it’s disposable and it would be nice if every now and then the cup was handmade. Enough of that, how about the weather… please please please stop with the polar vortex. If I hear it called that again my head’s gonna explode… reminds me of weapons of mass destruction or trickle down economics. I know it’s not sexy but it’s just cold weather and it is nothing compared to what Shackleton and his crew endured. On the up side, we had enough snow in Kentucky that was packy enough to make a snowman…


This is one of the few occasions where Sofia allows me to take her picture anymore. The cold weather is hindering some progress in other areas, namely delivery of things from distant locations and as far as clay work is concerned I cannot use my garden hose to rinse clay from my sieve. Meanwhile, I’m making a bunch of cups. Here’s some shots…



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5 Responses to “Why Are You Carrying That Empty Cup?…”

  1. carole epp Says:

    loving those cups

  2. meredith@whynot Says:

    the empty cup, the half eaten sandwich, the hair out of place, the good dental work has been getting me. Let see the earth ended so to speak, you have perfect teeth and your clothes and hair are always clean, and perfect. Good thing that your dentist make it through and you have kept up with your visits. Here is my last one; it is cold, the men are all wearing suit jackets or sweaters along with their shirts, long paints and all. You the female are wearing a little tiny ,sleeveless number. Baby it’s cold out there- put something on, really.
    yep cold, it is cold. I would tell you to come south but we are getting ready for some of the white stuff. Yummy cups. I hope they are never empty..

  3. barbaradonovan Says:

    I’d like to go on record as saying the weather channel’s new habit of naming snowstorms makes me want to stab something.

  4. soubriquet Says:

    “I survived Winter Storm Kronos” That is going to be my bumper stcker.

    Winter Storm Kronos! It brought chaos to Houston, Texas, stern-faced newsreaders looking earnestly into the camera, warning about disaster planning, schools and all manner of businesses closed, temperatures dipped below freezing for a few hours, and a teaspoonful of snow fell.

    If I get caught shaking my head in bemused wonderment once more, the sherrif’s department willl probably arrest me for ‘Mocking Texas’. I’m sure they’ll have a law of that kind.
    Schools closed again, yesterday, for ‘Winter Storm Leon’. No snow fell around here, but the tough guys of Texas cowered indoors. Ice is for inside a drink, or to skate on in a nice heated hall, when it gets out in the wild, they don’t know what to make of it.

    I have bought two kilns, at auction….. The place I was due to ppick them up from was closed, due to the terrifying weather, or what much of the northern hemisphere would regard as an unremarkable late-january day.

  5. soubriquet Says:

    Furtrhermore, on the movie front, I was reminded of the subject of infinitely self-refilling glasses, by a spoof of Star Trek, where someone pointed out that at some point, there’s a statement “We’re carrying 36 photon torpedoes” at the start of the voyage…
    Over the ensuing episodes, the geeks then proceed to count, as the starship shoots off many, many more, without ever being resupplied.
    Just like them thar westerns, where a feller would be holed up in the hills, shooting and shooting, yet he didn’t have a great big ammo box by his side. Was he picking bullets off the cactuses? Or making them out of rabbits ears?

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