New Blog – Jim Gottuso Ceramics

I am a ceramic artist in Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up in upstate New York and came south to college. After college I was involved in a couple businesses and decided 4 years ago, after news of our first child, to pursue a long postponed desire to make ceramics for a living.

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2 Responses to “New Blog – Jim Gottuso Ceramics”

  1. gary Says:

    AMIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to meet you, thanks for visiting my blob, and you have some kick a$$ work here. REALLY good pots. REALYREALLYREALLYREALLY!!!! My first studio, for ten years, was 7 by 12 with 2 little kilns, shelves, wheel, table, and you had to go through the studio to get into the bathroom. It was nice to move up in the world. So, where in upstate New Yawk? I am outside Ithaca, but grew up, among other places, in Brockport and Hamilton. email me if you wish garyrith at yahoo dot com

  2. marielle macville Says:

    Wow!!! I love your work! Somehow you found my blog, which is how I found yours and I am so glad! You should have no regrets over your decision. Your work is amazing. What painstaking labor. And I really really love the color and designs on the carved ochre bowls. I’ve loved throwing that shape ever since I started, your carving and colors though make them museum quality works of art.
    Keep on potting! Marielle

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