Cold Day in Kentucky

OK… It’s colder than hell outside today – 15 degrees in Kentucky. It snowed this morning and my temporary studio is so cold that I decided to get this blog thing started. I left my previous job four years ago to do ceramics and although I got an undergraduate degree in ceramics in 1982, I had put off doing this until then. I worked in the back room of my house for the first 3 years. That room/studio was small and it became smaller as time went on. I had my kiln in there and did all aspects of my work in there too. I really couldn’t turn around without knocking things over. Consequently, last June I decided that since the room was the only un-remodeled room in the house (another way of saying it was a hovel) and tiny to boot that I would fix it. The old room’s floor slanted severely towards the backyard, the ceiling was only 7 feet tall, the walls were really the walls of an old porch that had been enclosed with shutters and odd bits of wood. During the demolition I found bees’ nests, birds’ nests and a nest of mice… all abandoned.Start of Demolitiondemo1After demolition, concrete pylons were poured and the floor built out to cantilever past the pylons. Much like a virus, when tying the new roof into the middle of the old it became clear that the roof of the house had to be replaced and when taking old shingles off, it became clear that the upstairs siding would have to come off to get the 3 previous layers of shingles off… so residing the upstairs and reroofing the house were unforeseen detours.Interior During ConstructionExterior During ConstructionOne Coat of PrimerAfter months of hiatus from clay, the realization that it wouldn’t be complete before winter became obvious and I settled on making sure it was done on the exterior, insulated and electricity run before moving clay stuff back in. Not sure if another burst of activity will finish it this summer or whether it will be postponed till the following summer.


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7 Responses to “Cold Day in Kentucky”

  1. soubriquet Says:

    Big transformation!

    Sigh. Very jealous. Might have to get on with making a proper workspace.

  2. Jib Says:

    Nice job; I really like the the poured columns, they’re cool looking. Your “This Old Back Room” nightmare story reminds me very much of the time in 1984 I agreed to build a new back porch (maybe 6’w x 12’l) for my sister. It was located in an “L” angle between the house (~150 years) and an old, narrower addition. I quickly found out the corner was only about 84 degrees, and the sills that the porch fastened into were rotted and unusable. I had to improvise and pour a concrete support foundation. And a bunch of other unpleasant stuff that I can recall only in cold-sweat flashbacks. Bottom line is a job I expected to take only two or three weeks ended up taking almost the whole summer.

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