Wet Clay

vaseWhen I was about 15 years old, my mom got me a job at a friend of hers’ ceramic shop. They had plaster molds and made christmas trees and lamps shaped like children with big eyes. They had a large vat of slip with a mixer going 24/7. I wasn’t really interested in the pieces but was always excited to open the molds and bump the plaster to get the piece to dislodge. In retrospect, I’ve never really gotten over my infatuation with the appearance of wet clay… not as it’s being made but just a little while after it starts to dry and still has a slight sheen. It was always frustrating in college when I realized that however a piece was fired, from primitive to raku to salt to electric kiln, it would never end up with that fresh wet look again. If there was such a firing effect, no doubt I would use it on everything.


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One Response to “Wet Clay”

  1. doug fitch Says:

    Hi there

    Oh yes, I think that all the time too – but maybe that’s the magical bit – the process that we get to see but rarely get to share. So much of this stuff is about the journey – as much as it is about the finished pot I think for many people.

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