The Week Ends The Week Begins

Haven’t decided whether to plunge into some teapots this week or continue with the vases and bowls. Sometimes there are so many experiments going on simultaneously that I would like to finish the pieces completely so I can disregard failed ideas. I guess I’ll decide when I’m sitting at the wheel. My makeshift studio is getting more full and I won’t have a choice soon… of course there’s always room for more cups.greenware Sofia and I worked together this weekend and I made the mistake of letting her throw after she made things with lumps of clay… now she doesn’t want to do anything but use the wheel because it’s so much fun. Can’t argue with that. I asked her not to eat the clay and of course she said she hadn’t and then I changed that to don’t put the clay in your mouth and she assured me that she hadn’t done that either.Since she likes to draw we spent some time Sunday doing that… she likes to draw ballerinas mostly and I usually scribble some pots but I need to do some ballerinas to keep her from thinking we’re not in this together. Eventually, after several ballerina drawings, she decided to draw some pots too and this one has a ballerina on the pot. So even her pot drawings are better than mine. sofiadrawingdrawingI put some handles on that vase, not sure what I think about that yet…vase


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2 Responses to “The Week Ends The Week Begins”

  1. Alex Solla Says:

    Looks like you’re getting a slew of test tiles ready to fire there. How are you firing? Electric, gas?

    The new studio/house rehab looks great!

    Congrats on leaving your job. Heck of a time to do it, but hang on with both hands!

  2. red dirt mule Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your visit and comment at the ‘Mules’ place. I’m not, alas, a potter, just a red dirt mule from red dirt country (south of you and Kan – tucky – e!) But I like potterish things and potterish people. And when I find the reason, I post about pots and such.

    A belated welcome to blogdom. I love how you involve your daughter in your work, down to the creative process. I’m bookmarking your blog. I like your creativity. It will be fun to stop by on occasion to see what you and Sofia have dreamed up!

    I’m YouTube-a-phobic. So I attempted to stretch my comfort zone and post one. I’ll always remember ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as the last song at school dances. One last chance for a mule to sway slowly. … steal a red dirt kiss.
    Yep, sofia and I would get along jes fine. snickers….

    good luck in both endeavors!

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