In-Progress Shots

intermediateshotThought some intermediate shots would be fun… kinda get the feeling of getting carried away but you never know without trying. Regarding last post, the decision was not to attack the teapots but things are percolating. Maybe some of this will result in a more solid decorating direction. There’s some splattered slip under there somewhere.


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3 Responses to “In-Progress Shots”

  1. red dirt mule Says:

    oh I DO like the decor! Intricate is fun and can be … errr ….. mind freeing? Hard to explain, but once the creative process takes over, the mind begins to wander in different directions. I can’t wait to see the final product and use a few of my new favorite exclamations like, “I swannnn” and “Shi…ite Jim, way to go!” Keep me posted.


  2. gary Says:

    Gorgeous bowl!

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    What a great look behind the scenes of your work. I’m in awe!

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