Vernon’s Digital Art

Adam and EveA very good friend of mine makes these fantastic picture in Photoshop and Illustrator. The posted pic is a relatively low-res version. He prints them out to 30″x40″ and they are beautiful… much detail and subtlety that is lost in screen res pics but they are still very compelling images. This one is called “Adam and Eve”.


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4 Responses to “Vernon’s Digital Art”

  1. Michael Mahan Says:

    That’s very intriguing and engaging. I like it. I don’t know why.


  2. gary Says:

    woo! yeow!

  3. red dirt mule Says:

    OH! I KNOW that illustration of Adam and Eve !! There’s a lovely unicorn hiding in the background trotting away …. you must point out his magic to Sofia!

    I’m aware because I culled through many illustrations for a poem I wrote entitled “In the Garden.” It’s on Lola’s Loves but I have no idea what I entitled the post …

    age and memory cells.
    bad combination.
    the mule

  4. brandon phillips Says:

    jim-thanks for stopping by, it’s always nice to “meet” another potter. happy potting! brandon

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