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Laguna Clay…

March 31, 2009

Laguna Clay has a Featured Artist Gallery at their website that displays work of potters who use their products. They recently posted my submission and it’s here. If you use their products, you can submit photographs through their website without a submission fee.


Let’s (W)rap…

March 30, 2009

Sofia and I unloaded the kiln together yesterday and I have to admit, as much fun as unloading a kiln can be, it was much more fun to watch her get all her pieces out. She had fifteen or so and was always anxious to see the next. After we got them all out and she rubbed the bottoms on some sandpaper (just in case), then the wrapping began. All pieces were designated by whom they would be given to and Mom’s got wrapped for her birthday which is in about a month (but it got opened this morning). Anyway, fun all the way around.
Here’s my yunomis that are at the AKAR show… I didn’t get any photos of them beforehand and luckily AKAR takes really nice pictures. I noticed many familiar names participating in the show and because of blogging, I feel like I know some of them in ways I hadn’t before.

Kiln Is Calling Me…

March 29, 2009

Fired Friday night and have been waiting and hoping things went well. Sofia is looking forward to it too as I put a bunch of her little pots and geegaws in there and she’s already deciding who she’s gonna give them to after she wraps them up, the wrapping being the most important part. And tomorrow starts my first serious “week of photography”. I’m waiting for a graduated backdrop that I ordered and I’m curious to know how substantial it is. Here’s an unprofessional shot of a bowl from the last firing…


My Fave Cups…

March 27, 2009

Pictures of some of my cups were posted on one of Monica Bodnar’s blogs yesterday. Thank you very much Monica! My Favorite Cups is the blog where she features an incredible variety of cups from all around made by a great many potters. She also has a blog that features her own work called Covered In Mud. She makes some really nice pots with intricate drawings etched into them. Check them out if you have a mind to. Here’s a nice vase and ewer…


Love This Drawing…

March 26, 2009

I wish I could get her to draw these on my pots… it would be great.

This is what’s left when you’re trimming and you forgot that pot was the extra thin one. I flipped it over and this neat little circle fell out.

On Friday…

March 25, 2009

It’s the Yunomi Invitational at AKAR gallery in Iowa City, Iowa. This year the show is exclusively online so it will launch on Friday. Hundreds of potters have made five yunomis to total hundreds of these teacups. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work… Don’t have any recent yunomi pics so here’s a chattery mug…


51 and Counting…

March 24, 2009

The big 5 1 today and we’re off to lunch for some mideastern food. Sofia found this old bottle and has decided to keep it and put flowers in it for my birthday. We might have to use Bradford Pear blossoms because the hyacinths are almost caput and the daffodils in my yard are about 2 days from popping out. Anyway, she’s way more excited about this milestone than I am and I’m way more excited about her being excited than I am about this milestone. Then it’s off to glazing again.

A Pox On Ye…

March 23, 2009

bowl interior
Gonna get this photo thing down… just going to take some time and experimentation. The color is right on the money but lighting is a bane.


Really Wanted To Try This…

March 20, 2009


One Down, One To Go…

March 20, 2009

Kiln is done… but still singing my fingers a little. Took a couple quick shots of some chattery pots after looking all over the house, car, porch, basement, studio for my camera for about an hour. I was so frustrated, I was almost ready to resign and make a trip to the camera store. Anyway, making a photo tent thing, as per Gary, and hopefully I can get some good shots soon. Meanwhile, I will post some unprofessional pics.


March 19, 2009

Well, I’m running a kilnload and I guess I’ll probably unload Friday or Saturday. In the meantime, this is Butchie girl. I know Butch isn’t a girl’s name and that’s a long story. Butchie is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s 19 years old now, getting skinny, almost completely deaf, her vision isn’t what it used to be, intermittently incontinent and still hanging in there. I rescued her from the pound in 1992, she was full grown and they told me she was 2 at the time. When she was 4, she was diagnosed with some sort of blood cancer and after expensive trips to an oncologist veterinarian I injected her twice a day for about a year and half and she was also taking prednizone <-sp? and accutaine daily. Then viola, she got better. A couple years after that I was taking her to walk in a nearby park and decided to go in my friend’s car. Her car had only one window that went past the front seat to the back area and while we were driving over to the park, Butchie jumped out the window. She rolled about 30 feet but just got a scratch on her ear. Last year when she was 18 and already quite feeble, she got out of our fenced in back yard and was missing for 3 days. I’d put up signs and searched the neighborhood for days and that 3rd morning I was just about to give up, my neighbor found her wandering around. I couldn’t believe she had survived but she didn’t even seem any worse for wear. She’s not in pain but it’s difficult to believe she’ll live another 2 or 3 years but you never know, she gets walked often (much slower now) and she’s successfully held hunger strikes in the past year that have resulted in a periodic addition of bacon to the dog food and of course, stale artisan bread.

Digital Art…

March 17, 2009

Striped Man
Here’s another digital print from my good friend Vern. There’s a lot going on, much that can be seen if the pic is enlarged and still more that would require looking at a printed version. I love the striped man and whirling stuff flying around his head.

Bisque, not Tomato…

March 16, 2009

A glazin’ we will go, a glazin’ we will go… finished up my second bisque and stared glazing. A couple of shots of bisqueware. The second one is an attempt to show detail but since there’s not much contrast to begin with, I’m not sure if it’s worth putting up here. Anyway, hope to fire a glaze load sometime this week and see how some of my experiments worked out.

Groucho, Eat Your Heart Out…

March 13, 2009

Someone is going through another “tape” phase… I should own stock in 3M or Scotch Brand with the amount of tape we go through. The funny thing is attempting to tape untapable (<–untapeable?) things to the wall, e.g. a hammer or a large stuffed animal… you know, something heavy.

Anyway, the beat goes on. I just barely fit all the bowls into a bisque load which is running as I type this. You know when you get to the top shelf and the remaining pots stick up about 1/8 of an inch to high? My kingdom for three 5 and 1/2 inch posts! I even called a friend to see if he had some 5 and 1/2ers and it didn’t occur to me until talking to him that he only does flat wall pieces and all his posts are 1 and 2 inchers. I ended up cheating it and they eventually cleared the lid by a sliver.


March 12, 2009

Seed Across SnowMy lifelong friend, Kathleen Driskell, just had her new book of poems published. It is titled “Seed Across Snow” and is a collection of poems that revolve around a convergence of remarkable events at or near her family’s renovated home that was once an old church from the 1800’s. I’ve included a poem below named “Fortune”.


Ted was a person who liked to go back through things,
   meticulously, and with extended patience;
sorting and unfolding bits of paper and receipts comforted him,

gave him a sense of order. Imagine then, his loss,
   after the death of his son, when Ted’s wallet came up
missing – would never be found, though he could not know

that then. While bereaved at his diminishment, slowly,
   Ted did begin again to make out the moving,
the lemon finch hovering at the feeder, his wife

in the lily garden, the blue and red globes of hot air balloons
   that traveled over the fields of his home. Often
they floated so near, Ted could hear their fires,

see them shoot up, and the dark figures waved to him.
   Ted could never, though, shake his grief
at his inability to open his old familiar wallet, and realized one morning

something he had missed dearly: that crazy slip of fortune his son
   thought so funny: “There are happy times for you
in store.” Which store? Benny had kidded. The grocery

or the quickie mart? The store where they picked up auto parts?
   And how Ted wished most for a bit of note left after
an argument, when they both sat silently at the kitchen table,

and his son shyly pushed a folded message through the loop
   of the handle of Ted’s coffee cup. “Please
Dad,” Benny had written, “Just please let it go.”

Aaah, Springtime…

March 10, 2009

Wow… March 10th and it’s supposed to be 78 degrees. It’s difficult to stay indoors when it’s like this.

All Points Bulletin…

March 9, 2009

Have you seen these two? It is believed that they work as a team. They’ve been known to frequent university pot shops and community clay clubs and they will eat your clay. They are relatively easy to identify as they both have a crick in their neck that makes them look like they’re leaning to the right even when they’re standing and even more noticeable is a chalky residue under the nose and on the chin. The one on the left is named Gary, alias “CC or Crabby Clam” and his counterpart goes by the alias, “Sgraffita”. She gets her name from notoriously cutting long spaghetti-like strands from recently pilfered, fresh-pugged clay. The last sighting was at the 2008 NCECA conference where they were seen lurking in booths adjacent to Laguna, Standard and Highwater Clay booths. Shortly after, “CC” was seen running to the convention center exits carrying a 25 lb. bag of Laguna Frost ^6 Translucent Porcelain while the shill, Sgraffita, distracted booth attendants with a flourish of vexing questions about glaze fit, overall shrinkage and, when things got really hairy, eutectics. The porcelain is said to have a street value of between 35 – 45 cents per pound although is unlikely that this pair will attempt selling it. If you see these two near your workspace do not approach them as they are believed to be armed. “CC” carries matching pearl-handled elephant ear sponges and Sgraffita carries a Kemper WLS 6.25″ Wire Loop Sgraffito Tool. If for some reason you do engage them, don’t be taken in by their extraordinary charm and wit as they only want your clay and have been known to nip one’s throwing hand, which of course results in the bitten potter actually helping the pair partake of the potter’s clay supply. Be forewarned, after the feeding orgy, they will disappear and you will be left with no clay and an almost insatiable hunger for silica. What you can do to protect your clay is to lock it in a cage, hang garlic cloves on the cage doors and place vials of day-old throwing water in the corners of the cage. In hard times they have also been known to consume leatherhard clay and will even eat completely dried greenware if nothing else is available. If you have any information please report it to: Pinkerton Government Services at

You can check out Crabby Clam’s very funny and entertaining blog at

The Shark Method…

March 6, 2009

My friend used to call it that… eat, swim, eat, swim, decorate pots, eat, swim. But unloading kilns sure is fun. I usually don’t look forward to bisque firings so much, just hoping nothing broke (none did), but I had some new kinds of things combined on the same piece and was anxious to see what they looked like white and with the colored slip ones, how dark the slip was. Top picture is a couple bowls with interior decoration (back breakers), the others are bisqued… two with colored slip and one not. Another bisque next week hopefully and on to glazing.

c’est printemps…

March 5, 2009

Well maybe not but since “le bisque” firing is “finis”, we are in for a week of mid 60’s and low 70’s just as predicted and hell, it’s only March 5th. Unload the kiln tomorrow and more decoration today. The hovering over bowls without resting any weight on them is like some perverse form of yoga where you hold the pose for five hours. Of course, I’ve got help.helper

Look At The Size Of That Ear

March 3, 2009

Here’s another collaboration effort… I found a larger pad of paper so I can scribble happily away on one side while the really cool stuff is happening everywhere else. This is my favorite so far.