c’est printemps…

Well maybe not but since “le bisque” firing is “finis”, we are in for a week of mid 60’s and low 70’s just as predicted and hell, it’s only March 5th. Unload the kiln tomorrow and more decoration today. The hovering over bowls without resting any weight on them is like some perverse form of yoga where you hold the pose for five hours. Of course, I’ve got help.helper


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4 Responses to “c’est printemps…”

  1. michele davis Says:

    What do you call that pose? Yoga poses always have great names.

  2. gary Says:

    oh man, what a great bowl and what a funny kid!!!!!!!!!
    you and me, amigo, should do a wee little pottery trade sometime????

  3. red dirt mule Says:

    wow – great bowl, great kid !! i’d figure both are worth the five hour yoga pose (surely you take iced tea breaks ??)

  4. kcinnova Says:

    Saw your link over at Gary’s, along with the same wonderful picture – beautiful work and a beautiful daughter, too!

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