Seed Across SnowMy lifelong friend, Kathleen Driskell, just had her new book of poems published. It is titled “Seed Across Snow” and is a collection of poems that revolve around a convergence of remarkable events at or near her family’s renovated home that was once an old church from the 1800’s. I’ve included a poem below named “Fortune”.


Ted was a person who liked to go back through things,
   meticulously, and with extended patience;
sorting and unfolding bits of paper and receipts comforted him,

gave him a sense of order. Imagine then, his loss,
   after the death of his son, when Ted’s wallet came up
missing – would never be found, though he could not know

that then. While bereaved at his diminishment, slowly,
   Ted did begin again to make out the moving,
the lemon finch hovering at the feeder, his wife

in the lily garden, the blue and red globes of hot air balloons
   that traveled over the fields of his home. Often
they floated so near, Ted could hear their fires,

see them shoot up, and the dark figures waved to him.
   Ted could never, though, shake his grief
at his inability to open his old familiar wallet, and realized one morning

something he had missed dearly: that crazy slip of fortune his son
   thought so funny: “There are happy times for you
in store.” Which store? Benny had kidded. The grocery

or the quickie mart? The store where they picked up auto parts?
   And how Ted wished most for a bit of note left after
an argument, when they both sat silently at the kitchen table,

and his son shyly pushed a folded message through the loop
   of the handle of Ted’s coffee cup. “Please
Dad,” Benny had written, “Just please let it go.”



6 Responses to “Poetry…”

  1. gary Says:

    OH! I am so pleased you introduced this.

  2. Amy H Says:

    what a beautiful name and child! pottery is amazing too. Glad I found this blog; I’m a student at Clayworks in Charlotte, NC and friend of Becky’s. Also lived in Louisville for a year. Will add your blog to my list. Gosh, how I wish KY was closer…

  3. Robert Lorenz Says:

    Wow! I’m not usually one for poetry, but that was a great poem! What kind of distribution is Ms. Driskell’s book is getting?

  4. red dirt mule Says:


    …. and sad.


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