Well, I’m running a kilnload and I guess I’ll probably unload Friday or Saturday. In the meantime, this is Butchie girl. I know Butch isn’t a girl’s name and that’s a long story. Butchie is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s 19 years old now, getting skinny, almost completely deaf, her vision isn’t what it used to be, intermittently incontinent and still hanging in there. I rescued her from the pound in 1992, she was full grown and they told me she was 2 at the time. When she was 4, she was diagnosed with some sort of blood cancer and after expensive trips to an oncologist veterinarian I injected her twice a day for about a year and half and she was also taking prednizone <-sp? and accutaine daily. Then viola, she got better. A couple years after that I was taking her to walk in a nearby park and decided to go in my friend’s car. Her car had only one window that went past the front seat to the back area and while we were driving over to the park, Butchie jumped out the window. She rolled about 30 feet but just got a scratch on her ear. Last year when she was 18 and already quite feeble, she got out of our fenced in back yard and was missing for 3 days. I’d put up signs and searched the neighborhood for days and that 3rd morning I was just about to give up, my neighbor found her wandering around. I couldn’t believe she had survived but she didn’t even seem any worse for wear. She’s not in pain but it’s difficult to believe she’ll live another 2 or 3 years but you never know, she gets walked often (much slower now) and she’s successfully held hunger strikes in the past year that have resulted in a periodic addition of bacon to the dog food and of course, stale artisan bread.



5 Responses to “Butchie…”

  1. John Bauman Says:

    Incredible! What a wonderful story. What a wonderful dog.

  2. Gordo Says:

    Wow, she’s a survivor. My brother’s 15-year-old cat disappeared for a week last summer. His wife had decided he was gone and got rid of the litter box and bed. Malcolm came back and she had to replace it. LOL

  3. gary Says:

    OH BUTCHIE!!!!! Our old dog Petey nearly made it to 19. He was healthy the whole way too, and all he wanted was to be with us. Its humbling how little they want or need from us, and how much love they give.

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Butchie girl has that soulful look . .

  5. Mary Camin Says:

    nice to meet you jim, this story tells me you are a great guy in my book!
    Your etched work is wonderful.

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