One Down, One To Go…

Kiln is done… but still singing my fingers a little. Took a couple quick shots of some chattery pots after looking all over the house, car, porch, basement, studio for my camera for about an hour. I was so frustrated, I was almost ready to resign and make a trip to the camera store. Anyway, making a photo tent thing, as per Gary, and hopefully I can get some good shots soon. Meanwhile, I will post some unprofessional pics.


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3 Responses to “One Down, One To Go…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Beautiful, Jim. Is that your “mark” on the bottom of the bowl?

  2. Joel Blum Says:

    That is COOL!

  3. gary Says:

    my reader didn’t show that you had posted, darnitall…….
    MAN this is some absolutely GORGEOUS POTTERY. Think I’ll drive down and have a look at these up close….
    (if I could!)

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