Love This Drawing…

I wish I could get her to draw these on my pots… it would be great.

This is what’s left when you’re trimming and you forgot that pot was the extra thin one. I flipped it over and this neat little circle fell out.


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3 Responses to “Love This Drawing…”

  1. Monica Says:

    i love your daughters drawings! and have done the foot fall out a handful of times, i’m glad you glazed and fired yours, it looks lovely.

  2. gary Says:

    Is that chun green glaze? I won’t say I’d kill for that recipe, but then again….
    that is a totally beautiful little item alright!

  3. red dirt mule Says:

    your ‘foot fall’ (i learn something new everyday here, i promise !) looks like it would make a great coaster …. mundane and in no way a reflection of your considerable talent! I’m drinking a cup of tea from your cup at the moment (an aside.) and I could use a coaster. digression.

    what i stopped to say is: a pot surrounded by Sofia’s scribblin’s would be a delightful item to hold. i’d definitely feel and hear the artist’s soul in that one!


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