Let’s (W)rap…

Sofia and I unloaded the kiln together yesterday and I have to admit, as much fun as unloading a kiln can be, it was much more fun to watch her get all her pieces out. She had fifteen or so and was always anxious to see the next. After we got them all out and she rubbed the bottoms on some sandpaper (just in case), then the wrapping began. All pieces were designated by whom they would be given to and Mom’s got wrapped for her birthday which is in about a month (but it got opened this morning). Anyway, fun all the way around.
Here’s my yunomis that are at the AKAR show… I didn’t get any photos of them beforehand and luckily AKAR takes really nice pictures. I noticed many familiar names participating in the show and because of blogging, I feel like I know some of them in ways I hadn’t before.


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6 Responses to “Let’s (W)rap…”

  1. gary Says:

    Holy cats Sofia’s work is awesome, and your’s is pretty good too!!!!

  2. red dirt mule Says:

    I’m laughing at Gary’s comment. Puts you in your place, eh?

    The cups are lovely – I like the variations in color and design. You truly are a gifted artist.

    and Sofia – a budding artist to be sure. but best? her joy.


  3. Meredith Says:

    There will be no stopping her now and I expect to see her on the cover of Ceramics Monthly soon!
    Keep up the Great family work- love the cups.

  4. Amy H Says:

    I love her joy in the pic, her drawings and her pots. That is a pic to frame! Glad yours are at the AKAR show. I really like the detail of the surface design.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Her pots are almost as beautiful as she is. Great photo.

  6. carole epp Says:

    Gorgeous cups…i may have to head over to the akar site now…

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