Interior Shots…

Well, even though the photo box I made is too small to get a good profile shot of these bowls, I did manage to get some shots that give and idea of what the interiors look like. I’m waiting for a collapsible photo tent to arrive and have high hopes of shooting nice pics with it since it will be 30″ wide and the box I made is only 18″ wide. I’ve been checking the mail and been a bit frustrated because I’m antsy to try it out and don’t want to start throwing with all the clean, freshly fired pieces in the studio. Meantime I’m harvesting some honey out of my beehive… the bees died during the winter and I have no idea why. I’m getting the hive ready for a new swarm. I’m new at beekeeping and already I know that diagnosing what happened to the bees is similar to diagnosing why one is having pinholing in one’s glaze.


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7 Responses to “Interior Shots…”

  1. gary Says:

    you just want to FILL those bowls with pasta, don’t you????
    You keep bees too? Busy man!!!!

  2. gary Says:
    My buddy Gordo just north of us in Kingston, Ont has some hives, have you visited Gord’s blog?

  3. red dirt mule Says:

    renaissance man. bees are cool. my aunt is a master beekeeper. have you been stung yet ??


  4. Cynthia Says:

    Love that you keep bees – it’s something I’d love to do, but banned in Denver city limits.

    There was an interesting article in the paper about a month ago about some teenage boys who keep bees in rural part of Colorado and it discussed colony die off, pesticides and other interesting tid bits that I had never considered bee keepers would need to worry about. I can’t remember the solution – something to do with native flowers, local bees, organic practices and such.

    I’d love a light tent – my ghetto one is showing it’s age!

    And last but not least, love the interiors of the bowls – texture is delish.

  5. Gordo Says:

    Gary, we’ve been talking. 😉

    Those colours are amazing, Jim.

  6. Meredith Says:

    Sorry about your bees- contact Julia at henhouse pottery- she is a bee keeper.
    Yes- the redbuds are out and they are great as usual!

  7. Michael Kline Says:

    I was a bee keeper, in theory only, when I was in middle school. I used to go to the monthly meetings of the local bee keepers but somehow never got it together to get my own.

    Sorry ’bout yours.

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