Oooh, Life On The Farm…

is kinda laid back… what? what farm? I waited for the mail and my photo cube didn’t come so opted for an idyllic, bucolic, pastoral day in the urban backyard with the whole family. My bees died this winter and I thought that they starved but the hive has quite a bit of their stores left so although they died and I don’t know why, the bright side is we got some honey. And just as I’m up to my ass in honey and my little honey is eating honey and my little dog is laying in honey guess what arrives?

So there it is, onward and upward. Now, hopefully I can get some good shots of the bigger bowls that don’t fit in my homemade photo tent. I felt foolish taking a picture of it. Taking photos of photo equipment seems to me to be like when you are fishing and you go take a pee while you’re drinking a beer… y’all have done that right?


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7 Responses to “Oooh, Life On The Farm…”

  1. gary Says:

    Holy cats, HONEY! Sorry about the bees, but you have to love having a boatload of honey.
    That photo thing looks BIG to me. Excellent. Last time I peed whilst drinking a beer I was also sitting on an upper floor windowsill sprinkling the flowers (and the guy walking the 2 dachshunds below) and man, what was I thinking? That was awhile ago….
    I can tell you didn’t take that pic in upper NY state. Green grass, bare toes????????????????? The weather dude said something about snow tomorrow…..

  2. red dirt mule Says:

    Honey is great for the skin. Can be used in lieu of shaving cream. Has anti-bacterial properties …. all this from my wise bee keeping aunt.

    ummm ….. i’ve never fished and peed and drank a beer.
    at least not together.

    i KNEW i’ve been missing out …..


  3. Meredith Says:

    no but I will ask the my fisher guy about how that is done with out dropping the “pole!”

  4. Michael Kline Says:

    I can’t recall doing the peeing/drinking beer thing but I would probably either spill the beer on my shirt or pee on my shoes. I am that coordinated!

  5. Michael Kline Says:

    BTW, that’s a nice tent. how many pots does it sleep?

  6. Gordo Says:

    Mmm … honey … I’m going to harvest some tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Judy Shreve Says:

    I have a photo cube & some boom lights. I also bought a gradient backdrop that I cut to fit. Boy is picture taking set-up quicker now. (I had a homebuilt system that worked but took a while to set-up.)

    You’re going to enjoy taking your photos now.

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