Giving Me The Bird…

I was having lunch with my friend Kathy, the poet, and my right middle finger went numb. As we exchanged our weekly stories, I tried to remember if this numbness was what happens right before you have a stroke, or was it heart attack?, or is that the left arm? Needless to say, I was noticeably distracted during the whole lunch and the numbness wouldn’t go away. After explaining why I was distracted, I was teetering on that ledge between “I hope she doesn’t think me a hypochondriac” and “Damn, am I gonna go out in a Thai restaurant?” (I could think of worse places) Then, how am I gonna throw with a numb finger? After returning home, I googled and decided it’s some carpal tunnel thing or something related to that and wondered what would have caused that… could it be the photo editing, blogging and setting up etsy? I guess yes, but it’s up and sparsely populated.

I hope to add more pieces and advance my carpal tunnel in the next few days and further postpone filing my taxes. Here’s another bowl…



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8 Responses to “Giving Me The Bird…”

  1. Pat Griffin Says:

    Your Etsy shop looks great! Congrats on getting it going. HOpe the hand-numbness thing is over soon… Just in time for doing your taxes! Eck.

  2. Charles the Potter Says:

    I deal with that numbness all the time. It has gotten remarkably better and manageable since I started going to a chiropractor every other week.

  3. gary Says:

    You said it. Every time I do etsy I get weird little aches.
    Here’s a tip amigo, now that you’re all set up: spread out your additions. When you put on a new item, it pops up on people’s screen as the newest pot. A lot of people watch for the newest item up, so choose your times carefully. A boatload of people seem to be shopping between 1-5 during the work week, for example 😉 and you can pace yourself and space out your listings.
    That one bowl there HAS MY NAME ON IT, bought and paid for, yeah!

  4. Amy H Says:

    gosh, I CAN’T believe your prices… they are so low and your pieces are amazing. I thought they’d be higher for sure, because of the quality of your work. hope your hand’s better.

  5. Handmade pottery online shop Says:

    Hey really great beautiful pieces………Great work

  6. Gordo Says:

    My wife’s had carpal-tunnel surgery on her right hand and is going in for the left next month. You should have it checked out, because it can be degenerative.

    Ditto what Amy said. Beautiful stuff and priced where there’s no excuse for everyone in the world not to own one. 🙂

    Gary will tell you that I hassle him all the time for his prices being too low.

  7. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Terrific etsy. and the bowl sequence!! I’ve started trying to mostly use my left middle finger on the laptop ’cause I too often ignored the ergonomics thing when I used my right.

  8. Joel Blum Says:

    Hey! I’m glad to see you climbed onto Etsy! Your storefront looks great!

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