The Taxman Cometh…

Well, just can’t put it off any longer. Actually I could, but since I’m such a responsible sort, I’m gonna try an get it done a whole 5 days early… of course I haven’t downloaded the forms or anything yet. Talk about the shark method… just hunker down, swim and eat, swim and eat. It shouldn’t be all that bad though ’cause I spent a fortune putting an addition on my studio last summer. Anyway, slowly processing photographs and spending way to much time in photoshop. Here’s another bowl…

yellow bowl

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2 Responses to “The Taxman Cometh…”

  1. Michael Kline Says:

    I’m all about the shark method. I’m experiencing a little indigestion from my steady diet of unfinished projects, pots drying too fast, and snow days (kids home). But I guess I should be grateful for the full plate!

  2. gary Says:

    mmm, yummy bowl!

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