If I Had A Hammer…

I’d ask Dad a hundred times what I could hammer. Can I hammer the porch, can I hammer the sidewalk, can I hammer the floor, can I hammer the books, can I hammer the couch, can I hammer the stairs?… you get the idea. We settled on the stump and the sidewalk. In the background is a bit of what happens when a ’93 Taurus peeks it’s nose out in front of a late model Chevy Suburban whose driver is on the phone. Here’s a pic that says…”don’t get between me and Thor’s trusty ballpeen.”


We went to visit some lifelong friends who happen to have some antiques at their home and what do you think they had? One of these…


This is a box for transporting bees with a small compartment on the top to segregate the queen bee from the swarm/part of swarm. The only thing I’ve seen nowadays that’s similar is if you get bees in the mail, the container is wire mesh stapled on a wooden frame with a little open wooden compartment for the queen… not nearly so nicely made. On the way home, we got held up by a train. We never mind this because Sofia and I have been admiring the nice drawings on the side of the train since she was very young… of course you get what you get, sometimes not much but every now and then a real winner. This day was different because I had a camera with me. But alas, it was a mediocre train graffiti-wise. Not to make something out of nothing but even the tags that aren’t particularly beautiful (I understand I may be in a minority here) mostly display a quality of certainty of mark making that sometimes makes me envious. This also coincides with a concept put forth in a book called “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell which I read about on Scott Cooper’s blog that talks about The 10,000 Hour Rule. Apparently suggesting that 10,000 hours is a threshold which distinguishes elite musicians from very good ones. I doubt that these graffiti persons have necessarily logged 10,000 hours but they sure have made the same image many many times and the result, aside from the image itself, displays this confident certainty that I mentioned. Anyway… maybe I just dig graffiti on trains…



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3 Responses to “If I Had A Hammer…”

  1. gary Says:

    I, um, dig graffiti on things too. You would DEFINATELY like (one of) my favorite ratty bar here, the Chapter House, which quite rightly you noticed has carving EVERYWHERE.
    Was that your car that was run into????
    I loved the hammer too when I was little. Kind of a wicked pic there of the girl, isn’t it?????

  2. Gordo Says:

    Wow, I really like that bee box. They really don’t have that kind of style any more.

    I like a lot of grafitti. The depth of talent that a lot of these folks have is astonishing.

  3. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Sofia looks likes she’s ready for some kind of serious business with the hammer. I’m with you on the graffiti – some of the best I’ve ever seen was from inside a train going through LA.

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