Made It Back, Bearly…

I knew when I embarked on my trip that I’d be going to the wild Appalachians in W.Virginia and Virginia but was not really expecting to encounter a bear, but there’s the proof. It was worth the pic to show Sofia. The trip was very enjoyable and fruitful. The gallery is named Warm Springs Gallery and is located in Warm Springs, Virgina. Warm Springs has minerals springs and they are not quite as hot as Hot Springs which is about 5 miles up the road. The owner, Barbara, was extremely nice and we talked for quite some time about all sorts of ceramic and art related things. I’m looking forward to, hopefully, a long and prosperous partnership with Barbara and any excuse I could come up with to visit the beautiful country and the quiet little village. I was also pleased to find out that my work might be displayed next to Diana Fayt’s pots which I had never gotten to see in person before and they are really dreamy. I stayed overnight in a little cottage behind the gallery and woke with tea and scone, sunny, 50 degrees, birds singing and hardly another sound which is substantially different than where I live. I thought it the perfect morning other than my daughter was not there. Here’s what it looked like while I sipped my tea from a handmade cup…


Driving through the mountains of KY, WV and VA offered some stark contrasts as one gets used to the breathtaking scenery and suddenly out of nowhere, you come upon something like this…

and this…


And I finally got to see that bridge to nowhere which I thought was in Alaska but maybe there’s more than one…


Anyway, it was a great trip and I left feeling inspired and antsy to get back in the studio and throw.

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3 Responses to “Made It Back, Bearly…”

  1. gary Says:

    You were right, that was a nice porch on that cottage with the view.
    I am sure that Sofia wasn’t the only female you missed on your trip…

  2. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Really nice gallery! Looks like a beautiful town too. I hope you get to go back often.

  3. red dirt mule Says:

    I love Virginia. My brother has a gorgeous place in Chatham. As my people come from the appalachians of southern west virginia, I’ve always dreamed of a cabin located in the holler between those two big mountains you have to tunnel through to get to WVA … you know …. that rugged, wild looking spot. Away from the view of I-77 though!

    Yep. stacks of second-hand books. Mounds of beloved pencils. a few dogs. my pottery. a few art supplies, a HUGE bed. all my quilts. a self replenishing stack of wood outside to supply my wood burning stove. a battered ’62 red pick-up truck; and a small town near-by to pick up food basics, occasional mail. You know – the type of town where everybody knows everybody and loves gossiping about the strange woman in the cabin over in the holler. heh.

    i’d bring my lap top but attempt to wean my addiction to the internet. i wonder how long THAT would last.

    well, there you have it. my fantasy life. sigh. a running away fantasy.


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