Good News Or Bad?…

So Sofia and I were at a local nursery this weekend to get a butterfly bush for Mom’s birthday. Over the last few years I’ve heard over and over (not only from potters) that the cheap imported pots, big pots and little ones too, that nurseries and places like Garden Ridge sell are so inexpensive that US potters couldn’t possibly compete. I believed this implicitly and still do believe it but I honestly never really went around looking at the prices. So we were at the nursery (I wish I had my camera with me) and amongst the peonies which were on low tables the top of a large jar poked it’s head out… it was probably 40 – 45 inches tall, relatively narrow, had 4 very crudely formed loops around the rim, and was glazed with a glossy bluish glaze. I reached down to see what they were charging with my prejudgment about cheap imports in the back of my head, thinking 150 – 200 dollars maybe… but what do I know?, like I said I usually don’t pay attention and it was 1000.00… actually 999.99. I thought this was wrong and asked a woman that worked at the nursery and she said “yes, that’s right, it’s Vietnamese”. I said I was surprised and she said “oh, I’ve heard the clay they use is glorious”. I thought wow, glorious? So, good news or bad? This was not a corporate run nursery, it was a local one and they had similar pots scattered throughout the place. Are there really that many people paying a grand for a mediocre pot to put in their garden? I’ve got nothing but questions. Anyway, we came home and planted the butterfly bush and some Korean avocado squash (I hear their squash is glorious) in the front yard… hopefully the squirrels will leave them alone, wishful thinking I know. Here’s another drawing and another bowl…

yellow bowl


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7 Responses to “Good News Or Bad?…”

  1. gary Says:

    The nursery should do as it wishes, but man oh MAN couldn’t they stock local stuff??????? Pisses me off every day.
    Your kid is STILL hilarious. Did she draw a picture of you with bunny ears?

  2. Michele Says:

    What a talent your Sofia is. Glorious bowls, too. And I wonder who the middle-man is between the Viatnemese potter and the greenhouse is?


  3. Michael Kline Says:

    Glory Be! That price is surprising, but since we don’t have a picture of the “glorious” pot, it’s hard to form a conclusion on it’s merit. I would have to say that with the prices of most of the planters I see at the grocery stores and nurseries, it’s hard for a potter to compete with. I just saw some nice videos of my favorite flower pot maker, Guy Wolff on you tube the other day. Here is one.

  4. Gordo Says:

    $10 says the potter that made the $1000 pot makes the same as the one who makes the $5 ones.

    Local pots are not only better karmically, but ecologically. They don’t have to be shipped halfway around the world.

  5. Judy Shreve Says:

    I had a (potter) friend visit Vietnam a few years ago. She was very impressed with the potteries. She brought me back a ‘glorious’ tea service – teapot, cups, tray, sugar & creamer that she bought for 25 cents from the pottery.

    The middle man selling to that nursery is making a killing . . . even paying for his flights & shipping. WOW. And why don’t these local businesses support local artists?

    Miss Sofia is such a doodle-bug. I love her antic filled pictures. And that yellow on those bowls — glorious!

  6. Meredith Says:

    I would bet the potter is making very little of that cash-
    Things sure do change when the last time I bought 3 planters that were made in Korea they cost me about 15 bucks for the lot.
    Small med and large. I still use and love them And I know that potter made about 25 cents off them…..
    Let’s hope the future Sofias’ continue to suppot the arts.
    Ask her to make a mug that sends email and we will all have it made!

  7. cynthia Says:

    Hmmm interesting post – people ask me all the time if I would make large planters, but I normally redirect them to Home Depot or Costco – I would have to charge too much and couldn’t compete.

    But, another aspect of this is that I don’t necessarily want to make large garden planters either – but for $999-, some other potter might.

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