Twyla Says…

Spring makes you dance… ok, maybe she didn’t say that. It was 68 degrees at 7:30 this morning and coffee on the porch inevitably leads to interpretive dancing on the sidewalk. The new purple flipflops were the catalyst and as we all know purple things bring as much luck as touching a chimney sweep so this should be a very lucky summer.


Yesterday was a busy day and while dad was busy throwing bowls, the cousins dropped by for hours of running, jumping and squealing. I had already turned up the jams to drown out the neighbor’s dog that barks continually for the 8 hours that she’s at work… so barking + loud music + a bunch of squealing = pandemonium, which is perfect for throwing.


Here’s some of the bowls drying… maybe get them trimmed today and throw some more but tomorrow’s the big day… taking a field trip down to Kelley Bee Company with my good friend Vern to pick up my swarm and dump them into their new home. Here’s some greenware…



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5 Responses to “Twyla Says…”

  1. gary Says:

    Holy cats your kid is hilarious!
    Your new swarm, yeow!!!! Yahoo!

  2. Gordo Says:

    Buzz, buzz, buzz!

  3. Gordo Says:

    I’m just waiting for an order of equipment to come in from Kelley. The web site was a bit screwey with a Canadian shipping address, so I wound up talking to this wonderful southern lady on the phone. Made my Friday. šŸ™‚

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Newbees and a queen!
    That last move is especially Twylaish.

  5. ron Says:

    Great dance moves. Love the flops.

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