Sculpture At The River…

The Falls of the Ohio was the only unnavigable section of the Ohio River in early times and because the drop in elevation made the river unnavigable coupled with the shallowness of the water that allowed natives to cross easily, Louisville was formed. There’s a dam there now and when the river is lower in the summer the flow is closed off which raises the water level that’s left so barges and the like can go up and down. As it turns out, the river bed which is visible after the dam has been closed, reveals an enormous and geologically important marine fossil bed from 375 million years ago. Because of the damn dam, the flotsam and jetsam too from all points north on the river swirl and eddy and eventually get stranded when the flow of the river goes down. My good friend Al spends a lot of time at the falls and makes sculptures from the debris. He only uses what’s washed up on shore. He has a blog about his adventures called Artist At Exit 0. Check it out if you’re inclined.


Back at home, pots are being thrown, the irises are bloomin’ and the little girls are dancing…




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4 Responses to “Sculpture At The River…”

  1. gary Says:

    Oh man, looks like midsummer at your house. we are starting to get green!
    I like your pal’s sculpture, and again: what a kid!

  2. red dirt mule Says:

    you have got the EYE for eye candy: art, flowers and an oh so cute kid !!


  3. Meredith Says:

    Jim- thanks for the link I am amazed and appalled all at the same time.

  4. cynthia Says:

    Very cool sculptures – I would love to stumble on something like this in my walk abouts.

    My iris haven’t even started indicating it’s spring yet…sigh. Sofia matches the beautiful iris too!

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