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Giving Me The Bird…

April 8, 2009

I was having lunch with my friend Kathy, the poet, and my right middle finger went numb. As we exchanged our weekly stories, I tried to remember if this numbness was what happens right before you have a stroke, or was it heart attack?, or is that the left arm? Needless to say, I was noticeably distracted during the whole lunch and the numbness wouldn’t go away. After explaining why I was distracted, I was teetering on that ledge between “I hope she doesn’t think me a hypochondriac” and “Damn, am I gonna go out in a Thai restaurant?” (I could think of worse places) Then, how am I gonna throw with a numb finger? After returning home, I googled and decided it’s some carpal tunnel thing or something related to that and wondered what would have caused that… could it be the photo editing, blogging and setting up etsy? I guess yes, but it’s up and sparsely populated.

I hope to add more pieces and advance my carpal tunnel in the next few days and further postpone filing my taxes. Here’s another bowl…


For The Love Of Money…

April 7, 2009

I saw this post about trying to visualize 1 trillion dollars…

1 trillion
In this illustration there’s a little guy standing off to the left for scale and next to him are double stacked pallets of 100 dollar bills. While this is remarkable to aid one in visualizing 1 trillion dollars, I was given the opportunity to help people visualize 100 trillion dollars in the following photo:


A friend gave me this last night over sushi and assured me that it is an authentic Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar bill. He said that it wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe. At that point all I had was questions. I think it’s hilarious to imagine a scene in a Zimbabwean store of some sort where the person pays with a 100 trillion dollar bill and when they get their change they say… “Hey, wait a minute, I gave you a hundred trillion for a stick of gum and all you gave me back in change was two 50 billions, two 20 trillions, a hundred billion and etc. etc. They are gonna raise a generation of mathematical genii… well at least as far as adding and subtracting. Well, something to think about I guess… here’s a new photo of a new bowl and it’s on sale for… hmm, how about 100 gazillion dollars Zimbabwean?

yellow bowl

Musing About Mud…

April 6, 2009

Carole Epp posted one of my bowls today on her blog, Musing About Mud. This blog has a wealth of information about upcoming calls for entries and other various kinds of opportunities for potters. This month Carole is posting a different clay person each day to get some more pics on the site… what a great idea.

sofia natalie
We had two dreamy days weatherwise and the girls went hiking and bike riding and ate lunch with their dads. Cooler and raining today and it’s back to the photo tent to try and get this white balance figured out. If not, I’ll just have to move on start the cycle again.

More Photos…

April 5, 2009

yellow etched bowl

blue etched bowl
Fun with the girls yesterday… went on a long hike and it wiped them out, good sleep. We’re off again today and maybe some Vietnamese lunch. Managed to get a couple pics cropped before bed last night.

Here’s A Couple…

April 4, 2009


shots from yesterday. These seem pretty good but I had many others where I think the white balance was out of whack and the gray background went blueish. Probably go back Monday and shoot them all over again… but I’m solo with the munchkin for the weekend and we’re off for adventure with her friend visiting from the Sunshine State.

Chittah, chattah…

April 3, 2009


Chittah, chattah… I can’t give it away on seventh avenue. Older reference lost on younger viewers. It’s raining with that overcast light, honey’s in the jars, and time to break in the new photo setup. Maybe I can compare the new shots with these two I did last week and see if there is any progress?

Oooh, Life On The Farm…

April 2, 2009

is kinda laid back… what? what farm? I waited for the mail and my photo cube didn’t come so opted for an idyllic, bucolic, pastoral day in the urban backyard with the whole family. My bees died this winter and I thought that they starved but the hive has quite a bit of their stores left so although they died and I don’t know why, the bright side is we got some honey. And just as I’m up to my ass in honey and my little honey is eating honey and my little dog is laying in honey guess what arrives?

So there it is, onward and upward. Now, hopefully I can get some good shots of the bigger bowls that don’t fit in my homemade photo tent. I felt foolish taking a picture of it. Taking photos of photo equipment seems to me to be like when you are fishing and you go take a pee while you’re drinking a beer… y’all have done that right?

Interior Shots…

April 1, 2009

Well, even though the photo box I made is too small to get a good profile shot of these bowls, I did manage to get some shots that give and idea of what the interiors look like. I’m waiting for a collapsible photo tent to arrive and have high hopes of shooting nice pics with it since it will be 30″ wide and the box I made is only 18″ wide. I’ve been checking the mail and been a bit frustrated because I’m antsy to try it out and don’t want to start throwing with all the clean, freshly fired pieces in the studio. Meantime I’m harvesting some honey out of my beehive… the bees died during the winter and I have no idea why. I’m getting the hive ready for a new swarm. I’m new at beekeeping and already I know that diagnosing what happened to the bees is similar to diagnosing why one is having pinholing in one’s glaze.