What Happened To Spring?…

Last week it was pushin’ 90 and it was 48 when we got up today. No work this weekend – not because of the Kentucky Derby but because there’s no work any weekend. Sofia and I are at the computer and her table. She is very intently making some more drawings to decorate my un-drywalled studio walls while we listen to the Decemberists… (no video – just audio


Here’s some nostalgia… years ago (1987) when a friend and I started a computer animation company with a rip roaring 10 mghertz cpu (we had to wait days sometimes to render 1 second of animation) we had a computer paint program which predated photoshop. I decided to satisfy my curiosity to see what I might look like with different hair configurations. You can tell by how primitive the print is how long ago this was… read codger.



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2 Responses to “What Happened To Spring?…”

  1. gary Says:

    woo, like the one on the bottom right, sorta that kick ass redneck look…or something….
    I am trying sooooo hard to remember what Decembrist song I heard yesterday and liked so much…
    ps: went to our favorite ratty bar just now and thought of you..we need to start working on some carvings…

  2. Amy H Says:

    guessing you didn’t go to the derby. now I wish I had put some money down on the bird horse.

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