Bowl Me Over…

I added another page to the right under “Pages”. I consider this section like a portfolio and put “Recent Bowls” there to hold the pictures of the bowls from the last couple kiln loads. I have posted most if not all of these bowls before but if one is interested, they can look at them all in one place.

recent bowls

Another place to see them is on the Warm Springs Gallery website. This is the gallery in Virginia that I visited and is now open and pics have been uploaded to the the site. I’m very excited to see how things go at Warm Springs.

warm springs web

Here’s the three sisters from yesterday… getting a little carried away with slip spatterin’. My camera’s acting funny and as this pic looks off (a little purple-ish)… do not want to have to purchase a new camera!



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2 Responses to “Bowl Me Over…”

  1. gary Says:

    those are lookin’ fine, and then look at the vases behind!

  2. Amy H Says:

    i really like what you’re teaching her about life in the art. how rich. how many children can say they go to work with their parents? 🙂

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