Another Pox On Ye…

photogra…phy! My camera’s on the blink and I knew it was gonna happen soon. I’ve been asking around and looking online and I abhor it. Every camera that I’m interested in has some bad reviews somewhere. In fact if you go to amazon, there will always be just enough bad ratings to make you think twice. I always get buyer’s remorse when I buy something like this because I feel like I just leapt in without doing enough due diligence. Of course I can’t stand shopping and comparing… I just want the perfect, low-priced, easy-to-use, manual white balance, no pause when I click the shutter, etc. etc. camera to somehow be obvious and just get it. Not asking too much is it? So another good day to post one of my good friend Vern’s digital art pieces. I stopped by his printer’s house one day to pick up some work related prints (Vern’s not mine) and this particular piece was printed on canvas at about 6 feet wide and hung in the living room. The detail held up wonderfully at those dimensions and it was really stunning to see the image printed out at that scale.

vern digital art


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3 Responses to “Another Pox On Ye…”

  1. gary Says:

    6 feet!
    I have a tiny little Sony and I like its size and many capabilities. Had a kodak before and it was even easier to us.
    We need a digital slr one day though….

  2. Joe Says:

    Online reviews are such a funny thing. You can’t help but read them and yet it’s hard to know who to trust. There is always somebody who says the product is the worst thing they’ve ever used, despite the previous 15 rave reviews. Good luck with the research anyways…

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    The Canon PowerShot series is pretty darn good and reasonably inexpensive. I’ve got a great digital SLR, but all my Etsy product shots, my studio shots for my blog, and even my juried shots for exhibitions are all with the little cheap powershot. LOVE IT!

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