Le Deluge…

Rain will not stop. My basement flooded, not badly, but still not good. Glad my kiln is up on that metal vent stand. I was gonna take the munchkin to the falls of the Ohio River today and it occurred to me that it’s flooded and the area we usually explore is submerged. Then I went over to my friend Al’s blog and he had been there yesterday morning and has provided pictures of our submerged playground. My camera is kaput and I finally gave in, bit the bullet and ordered one online. Thanks to those who offered advice. I ended up trying to choose between Canon, Nikon and Sony, all in the same price range and eventually went with the Canon. It might be that my current camera is a Canon and it has served me well and there is a certain familiarity to the settings, etc. Not sure how long it will be before it comes but I’m with the youngun’ all weekend and have promised two days of labor to my friend Vern after that, so it hardly matters as far as taking studio shots. So I guess this calls for some nostalgia and older work…



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9 Responses to “Le Deluge…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Replacing a camera is a rotten thing to have to do. We’ve done it twice in the last two years. The pocket digital got broken due to carelessness and the 35mm film camera ogt drenched in a water leak/flood. We chose Canon for both of them. I’ve been using Canons since the mid-80’s and love them. 🙂

  2. cynthia Says:

    That’s a whole lotta rain! Hopefully your basement will dry out soon…

    I’ve been thinking of replacing my camera, but am holding out a bit longer. I’d really like a SLR. Similarly, when I purchased my Olympus several years ago, part of my decision was based on previously having owned one.

    Like the nostalgia shot too. 🙂

  3. Meredith Says:

    that is a lot of rain!
    Love the vase tell us about the glaze.

    • jim Says:

      hi meredith… the glaze is green and a little blueish where it’s thick, i pour it very thin and since there’s quite a bit of feO in it, if it doesn’t cover on the 2nd and 3rd pours, it turns a dark brown and sometime almost black

    • Meredith Says:

      I just love the variety in the glaze and think it worked so well on the vase. I have been back a few times just to admire it.
      Is this one you are still using?

    • jim Says:

      hi meredith,
      i still use it but it doesn’t age that well so it’s been augmented a bit has
      slowly morphed which has made it more difficult to get that effect exactly.
      there are 2 bowls on the “Bowls” page that have it… one is dipped and one

  4. gary Says:

    Loved going to your friends Ohio River blog. Good luck with your basement–oddly, upstate NY seems pretty dry this year.

  5. Joel Blum Says:

    We are looking to move up against the Ohio river down in West Virginia/ Ohio sometime hopefully in the near future. Luckily we’ll be up high looking down.
    Glad you found a camera, I’ve been enjoing the picts coming out of your studio and would seriously miss the peeks into your studio life.

  6. Amy H Says:

    I need a new camera too. Thanks for telling about Al’s blog. So interesting! And that is an older piece? Wow… I really like it.

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