Home Sweet Home…

My friend Ig sent me some pictures to show me how his home renovations were proceeding. At this point the inside of the house had been completed. My reason for posting is that Ig, aside from being an exceptional painter, metalsmith, teacher, and soon to be salami and sausage maker, is also a connoisseur and collector of antique Asian ceramics and they are all over his home. Before I became a dad, I would trek annually to stay a week or so to see him and I can assure you that these pictures are typical of how the house looks all the time and they are not staged photographs like in a magazine. Because these pictures were shot so that I could tell how the renovation has changed the house, the shots do not necessarily showcase the ceramics in a way that will allow the viewer to examine them. Needless to say, Ig is not a slob like yours truly and you may have guessed, there are no children running around. This first picture is the living room and there are three lit cases along the stairway graduating in height… they are loaded with beautiful pots, blue and white, blanc de chine, celadon and porcelain figures. As always, clicking on the photos will show larger versions.


The next picture is the same room looking away from the cabinets along the staircase. There is a beautiful large jar on the left and a hefty and relatively large celadon bowl on the carved wooden table.


This picture (below) shows the dining room from the living room. This has a better view of the large vase and the giant water jar in the right corner of the room. It also shows a pretty good shot of one of Ig’s still life paintings and part of the dining room table that I made back in my woodworking days… I traded the table for my prized possession which is a large painting that hangs in my dining room.


Last but not least is a picture of a small area that opens off of the dining room where the back porch used to be. There’s another large water jar on the left and a beautiful black jar a little farther into the room that’s not as big but is dreamy. Against the wall is a shrine with porcelain and nice jar underneath and another big jar in the corner.



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4 Responses to “Home Sweet Home…”

  1. gary Says:


  2. ron Says:

    Holy cow! That place is amazing.

  3. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Every object and its placement is so carefully considered. – beautiful dining table.

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