Inclement Saturday…

So what’s new? Still fiddling with this new camera… I decided to shoot a video of throwing a pot yesterday. I’ve seen some here and there on blogs and thought I’d try. I had no idea how slow I throw. The video was 20 minutes long… the “hangle” wasn’t right neither, music I had on was too loud and when I was downloading it to the computer, it was taking so long that I forgot and absent-mindedly unplugged it while it was still downloading. Oh well, who wants to watch a 20 minute video anyway? Here’s a pic of my backyard from my new addition’s big window…


Some splattery bowls…


Last but not least, the little bug’s magna doodle this morning. She calls it a manga doodle though… check out those hats.


So it’s a big day later as we have the first ballet recital, not sure if they allow cameras. When I took her to ballet class 2 weeks ago, there was a sign that said not to take pictures so we’ll see.

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5 Responses to “Inclement Saturday…”

  1. Joel Blum Says:

    Hey! I’d watch a 20 minute throwing video! Post the sucker!

  2. gary Says:

    I see bees out back!
    I’d watch the video too, my man, your pots are SLICK are it would be fun to see you make them.

  3. Miri Says:

    Video! I third the motion. I’m especially curious to see what ribs you use (I need to buy some new ones) and how when you throw. I’ve actually been scouring the web for good and informative throwing videos (there are TONS of crap ones). I watched a video by Robin Hopper yesterday ( Promptly went into the studio this morning and set my stool a bit higher. Hmmm…centering is indeed easier that way… 😉

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    I fourth it on the video.
    Your girl has compositional savvy even on the manga doodle – that backward lean of the girls with the hats.

  5. soubriquet Says:

    Great laptop, Sofia!!!!!!

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