Bug With A Bug…

Absolutely gorgeous day in the ‘hood yesterday and we were accompanied by my good friend Andy. Of course, we had to make sure that Andy got a tour of the munchkin’s favorite haunts and that ultimately culminated in a trip to the dead tree with the beetles. I brought my camera this time… there’s actually a setting named “kids and pets” (which is just another way of naming the previous “sports” setting). Unfortunately, this new setting will not let me switch to “macro” in the “kids and pets” setting so in order to get macro, the camera needs to be set to another setting that doesn’t have a fast shutter speed… results are blurry pics either way and trying to get a picture of Sofia holding a beetle was near impossible because she cannot be still ever. Here’s the best one…


Here’s a pic with the macro and a still hand…


A friend of mine happened to be walking by and as I tried to take her picture she grabbed the camera and had us stand for some pictures. This is a great example of Sofia posing…


And following in a long line of rose sniffers, the newest generation…



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5 Responses to “Bug With A Bug…”

  1. gary Says:

    Hey, that’s rare, a pic of you!
    I can see that the Bug in the pink pants is VERY fast moving and quick!
    Had a couple more test come out of the kiln with your green—excellent. Esp when I splash on a couple other colors for accents!

  2. cynthia Says:

    Great beetle shot!

    Hmmm so is that you holding Sophia or standing nearby?

  3. ben Says:

    Hey, I know that Andy! 🙂

  4. red dirt mule Says:

    i think it’s a great thing to expose a child to the world without fear. how many times do my children and i scream eek !!! when we see a bug in the house.

    i went trailing with my dog one spring day at a local nature reserve. The first group I passed warned me of the numerous copperheads scattered along the trail. I walked 2 miles in complete terror! And the poor dog wasn’t allowed to sniff and roam as he wished. It was a shame – i didn’t see ONE SNAKE and the trip was ruined.


  5. Barbara Edwards Says:

    That beetle looks so much bigger in Sofia’s hand. I think there is a name for that ballet move she is doing in your arms.

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