Gotta See A Man About A Dog…

Actually, I had to see an animal shelter about a dog. Yesterday I drove 70 miles to check out a pup at a rescue facility in Clark County… same place I went to get my bees. It is very difficult to leave the facility with only one dog which is one reason I tried to do my search to rescue a dog online. I didn’t bring the little one with me because I didn’t want to have to say no when she decided on several dogs instead of one but I did adopt a dog. I don’t have the dog yet because once someone commits to adopt it, they take it to the vet the next day and give it all the necessary shots, heartworm treatment, neuter, etc. I think we will get the dog on Saturday and although Sofia’s gonna name it, she has informed us that she will not name it until she sees it… how logical is that? I hoping against hope that she settles for something unique like eyeglasses or kitchen table and not the standard fare for dog names but regardless once we’re all in love with the dog it will hardly matter. Here’s the best shot of her but since she was so excited to get out of the cages, she couldn’t stand stil for even a second…


So yesterday was a wash and need to get to the studio today. Here’s and old cup picture…


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10 Responses to “Gotta See A Man About A Dog…”

  1. gary Says:

    Oh what a beautiful doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    man, I make that dog to put on cups, bowls, teapots etc EVERYDAY

  2. Joel Blum Says:

    There is so many details that you throw in to you work that makes it stunning… lately I’m really pulled by your handles! Heh he he.

  3. Jerry Says:

    That dog is so freaking adorable!!! I am on pins & needles waiting to hear the name that comes out of your daughter’s head. And I love the handle on that mug…fantastic.

  4. Meredith Says:

    best wishes for you all and the dog- but I had hoped, after the last post, you would explain the “red hat” ladies- Shrinners and Masons to me!

  5. ron Says:

    Nice looking dog. Yes, it will be great to hear the name. Like the mug handle a lot.

  6. judy Shreve Says:

    A dog is such a great addition to the family — and I’m sure Sofia will come up with the perfect name — soon you’ll have two bugs to entertain you.
    Love the cup!

  7. Gordo Says:

    Wonderful, Jim. I got our first dog from the shelter and had an awful time choosing only one. I’m a big fan of non-standard animal names, too. Our Golden Retriever is named Shark-Bait. 🙂

  8. cynthia Says:

    Congratulations!! Rescued dogs are the best – can’t wait to see what Sofia names the pup.

    We rescued a German Shepherd last year from the Front Range German Shepherd Rescue mostly done online – but then had meetings in person for us to meet the dog and to make sure the rescue group approved of us. So far so good – he’s a real sweet heart, but has a few issues due to having lived in a garage 6 years of his life. He knows he’s found the good life with us though, he doesn’t try to run away like he did in the beginning. In fact he sticks to me like glue all day long.

  9. cynthia Says:

    PS – our shepherd is named Danzig – it was his name when we adopted him and we decided not to change it because he had had it for 6 years.

    I’m pretty sure given the breed and the way he was kept, that he was most likely named after the heavy metal band of the same name and not the German spelling of the Polish city Gdansk.

  10. Amy H Says:

    what a neat handle. with such a creative girl, it will be interesting to see what name she picks for the dog.

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