Beasties In The Mail…

A package arrived yesterday addressed to Sofia and what do you thing was in there? Ceramics from our buddy Gary up in central NY. One piece was a little blue bowl with a hippo and yippee, now we have a pair of those which will reduce the wear and tear on the first one that has to be used at almost every meal. Also there was a pencil in the package with a little clay piggie on the end and of course Sofia really dug that too. In fact the piggie, now named “piggie O” has been having conversations with the new hippo, named “tugg” periodically. Thanks Gary… here’s some pics…





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7 Responses to “Beasties In The Mail…”

  1. cynthia Says:

    Very cute!!

  2. gary Says:

    A little Bug with a bowl!!!!!!!!

  3. Meredith Says:

    what a great guy that Gary is!

  4. ron Says:

    That Gary!
    Nice pics of Sofia.

  5. Peter Says:

    Hi Jim, I am enjoying your blog. A lovely blend of really nice photos and interesting thoughts and observations. It is good too, to be reminded of childhood, it is perilously easy to forget that time, and yet… that is where creativity is learned. I’m looking forward to seeing Sophia’s name for your dog.

    Out of interest, do you think Etsy would work for a potter in New Zealand? I see that you sell your pots via Etsy and wondered how it all worked out for you and other potters that use it? All the Best to you, Peter

  6. Amy S. Says:

    She is so incredibly precious! What great joy shows on her face…

  7. Karissa Chase Says:

    Hello. I just found your blog via the pink kiss link you left. Your daughter reminded me of this that I just saw on Youtube this morning.

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