Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear…

Sunglasses, yep, that’s the name Sofia picked for our new pup… doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but I’m sure it will end up being abbreviated somehow. The potential list of names was virtually any noun within her field of vision but I did like Lilac and Couscous… ultimately she went for something that made sense. We picked her up at 9:30, brought her home, let her explore the house and back yard for a couple hours and took her for a short walk. Sofia was beside herself for hours. So far, Sunglasses is a totally laid back dog… this is good as far as I’m concerned. We had to go get groceries after having her here for about 6 hours and my car is a veritable greenhouse with no AC, so we left her at home. I imagined that when we got back there would be torn furniture, tipped over trash, other types of messes on the floor, etc. but when we got home she was sitting on the little couch in the foyer waiting and nothing was amiss. Here’s the two playing tug o’ war


Sunglasses didn’t really like the squeaky toy we got her as much as the rope toy. Sofia was a bit disappointed by this and thought maybe a little show and tell might help…


Eventually, Sofia was convinced to sacrafice one of her stuffed animals so that other stuffed animals may live.



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8 Responses to “Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear…”

  1. gary Says:

    I AM SO EXCITED for you! A totally laid back dog, and left alone WITH NO PROBLEMS????????????????????????????????????
    A winner!

  2. Meredith Says:

    Well I like it- and hope she will live up to her name.
    Plus when she is bad you can shorten it to asses-
    Or when she is good Sun- which I like best!

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    If you can yell a kid’s/dog’s name at the top of your lungs and have it carry well over a distance… it’s a good name.

  4. ron Says:

    Great pics. Cool name too. Have fun.

  5. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Sunglasses has such great brindle patches on that white background. Alone with full run of the house on the first day and no misbehavior? You chose well.

  6. Gordo Says:

    What a great name! Couscous would have been good as well, though. 🙂

  7. Amy H Says:

    how funny! what a creative name for a dog. Fun pictures of Sofia. Many memories ahead with Sunglasses, I’m sure.

  8. John Bauman Says:

    Breeze Bauman sends along his greetings to Sunglasses!

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