Delicate Foot…

Well, everyone is doing the video thing and I thought I’d give it a try… it was kind of a no-go with my old camera but here I am with the new one. There’s a small learning curb so I apologize ahead of time. The first video I shot was of me throwing and to my surprise it was 20 minutes long and I didn’t mention in a previous post that while downloading, because it was taking so long, I forgot and looked over at the camera as I gotten in the habit of doing, saw the light was still on and thought… “I’m running down the batteries”. In this case I always just reach over and unplug the camera from the computer, which I did, and interrupted the download. I tried to salvage but it wouldn’t let me and I lost the video. The next day I did the video in this post and thought because I was trimming that it would be shorter and it is but it’s still 8 and a half minutes. I’m coming to the painful conclusion that I work slowly… damn! So you’ve been forwarned, it’s long. Next I tried to attach to the post and it wouldn’t let me attach an .avi or a .mov, maybe it’s a wordpress thing? There was music playing in the original and when I saved it as a .mov (quicktime), I sped it up so it was only about 2 or 3 minutes but it sped up the music and I couldn’t get rid of the audio. Next I decided I had to upload to youtube and post it that way. On youtube you can assign music to replace whatever the audio is and I did that but it only plays for a couple minutes and then it’s silent. So here ya go… a long video of not throwing but trimming with some irish music for a couple minutes and then silence.

I also took a short one of the new pup, Sunglasses… she’s such a cutie and is already part of the family. Sofia cried because she wouldn’t get into bed with her.


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7 Responses to “Delicate Foot…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Thanks for posting the video despite all the hassles. It was interesting to watch: The care you put into trimming really comes across on the finished piece. Anyhow, you say “slow” like its a bad thing… 😉

    On wordpress, you have to pay to post videos. We use youtube (or dailymotion) (hey $10 is another trim tool, right?).

  2. Miri Says:

    Meant to say: On wordpress, you have to pay to post videos directly from the dashboard. Posting videos hosted on other sites, is of course free.

  3. cynthia Says:

    I love how tall and elegant the feet on your bowls are – beautiful! Good song choice too…

    Sunglasses is adorable! Our dogs are allowed on the bed, but they really only do it on the cold days – not enough room.

  4. gary Says:

    You are very precise in trimming that. Makes me feel quite slapdash. 🙂

  5. Peter Says:

    A really funny thing happened when I was watching your video. Our neighbour’s cat (who more or less lives here), has never shown any interest in the computer screen before, but became mesmerized with what you were doing. He even hopped up for a really close view, and I had to remove his nose from the screen, lest he be zapped with what ever death rays the thing emits. I think it was all the stringy lengths of clay twitching around. He does like playing with string. I didn’t dare show him the one with your dog! Anyway, congratulations on mastering the technology, and for becoming a movie star. Great to see! Congrats too, to Sophia on an interesting name for the lovely dog.

  6. pru morrison Says:

    I watched , liked the Irish bit & smooth technique too, cheers

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