Top Ten List & Beer…

I found out recently that Carole Epp of Musing About Mud fame assembled a list of Top 10 Ceramics Blogs for and unbelievably to me, I made the list. Thank you Carole, I’m flattered that you chose me for the list. If you have arrived here from, welcome and click around if you like. There are a bunch of pictures of ceramics at the links on the top of the right column. Here’s some cups I’ve been working on…


So last night my friend Andy and I went to Shelbyville, KY about a 40 minute drive from here to check out Sergio’s World Beers tavern. The reason for the trek was that Sergio’s boasts over 800 different beers on the beer menu with about a dozen on tap. I’ve been to a place in southern Indiana with a couple hundred but this was completely unreal. Of course, if you can only drink about 3 beers anyway, you might wonder what good is a selection of over 800… well, I never claimed that it makes sense. So there were just tons of beers I had never heard of, breweries that I’d never heard of and beers from countries that… well, I had heard of them but never had seen beer from there (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Namibia?). So my second choice was a stout that was on tap (sorry, can’t remember the name) and as Sergio set it down on the table he said “now that’s 23%” and I said “alcohol?” (like a dumbass) and he said, “yep”. I thought 12 or 13% was high. We had heard that Sergio was moving and we spent some time trying to talk him into moving to Louisville. Not only was he open to it, he was actively looking to move here but apparently the rent situation here in Louisville is quite a jump from Shelbyville. So we’re crossing our fingers as it would be dreamy to take a little stroll in my neighborhood to the tavern with 800+ beers. Well, it was a very informal atmosphere with hundreds of bottles and tap handles lining all the walls and windows and we had a great time.


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6 Responses to “Top Ten List & Beer…”

  1. Joel Blum Says:

    That’s alot ‘o’ beer!
    That’s alot’o’ cups!
    Congrats on the mention on Epps top 10 list. Anyone who would bring their camera to the foot doc to take pictures for their blog has to be a serious contender.

  2. gary Says:

    HOLY CATS 800????
    Well done my man, well done…

  3. Michael Mahan Says:

    Hi Jim,

    If I take some pictures of my yearly prostrate exam, will they put me on the top ten list?
    Congrats. I like your work, by the way.


  4. cynthia Says:

    Congrats on the top 10 list!

    Yep – whole lot of beer. I used to drink more of it, but it fills me up too much now that I’m more delicate in nature. My hubby would dig this place though. When we lived in DC we used to go to the Brickskeller and I remember that the establishment had quite a selection on tap of both national and international beers.

  5. Christina Viering Says:

    My kind of ceramics…..!

  6. Eugene Says:

    Agree with Cynthia – too much, is to much – it also increases the waistline. I use to drink about six beers after every badminton match, when I played league. Really put on weight and it slowed me down. Now I drink Vodka and Red Bull as if I need more energy. Hyper enough as it is. Congrats for making the short list. Regards hongenius

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