Not Drunk, But In My Cups…

One expression I’ve always loved is “I’m in my cups” or “he’s in his cups” which means intoxicated and now that I make cups it’s taken on another meaning that may or may not be as much fun. I’m slowly banging away at cups to fill all the little spaces in the coming kilnloads. Unfortunately, no new pictures of fresh greenware, so I’m going nostalgic again and posting a couple of older pieces that I did manage to have pictures of…



vaseSunglasses, our new dog, was really laid back the first day we had her here and we thought… well, maybe she’s a bit restrained because they had spayed her the day before. Well… duh! She’s got enough puppy energy to sell back to the power company. I came home from beers two nights ago to find a little present on the floor of my studio (maybe a comment on the work?) and when I went upstairs, there were 6 of my shoes… two complete pairs and two odd ones with the soles out of two also. There were also some stuffed animals, building blocks and the tv remote. Fortunately, none had been destroyed beyond recognition. I’ve been taking her for walks and am heading out to do so soon but this plantar fasciitis stricken older dude cannot wear a puppy out… not even close. Sofia’s at the beach (I miss her terribly) so she can’t hold up her end in wearing the pup out, so I guess I’ll just try to keep her from chewing everything until they get back.

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8 Responses to “Not Drunk, But In My Cups…”

  1. Joel Blum Says:

    Love the shots of your old work. The noodley detail is amazing.
    Have fun with the pup!

  2. gary Says:

    Noodley detail!
    I can imagine you miss Sofia terribly…

  3. Yana Says:

    Get a tennis racquet and ball and teach the new pup fetch. Love the shape of the older work, I’ve been lurking for ages.

  4. christy Says:

    Ahhh, the puppy days–Sunglasses looks like she knows how to have a good time! The problem with dogs is not that they grow up so fast, but that they grow old so soon. Our former shoe-chewer is now gray, and snoozes most of the day on the couch…


  5. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Too bad you can’t lunge a dog like you can a horse, or have them run on a treadmill. Our dog wants a human with her at every step and turns up her nose at chasing a ball. Beeutiful bowl.

  6. jen mecca Says:

    Wow..that noodle bowl is wonderful!

  7. Miri Says:

    One could get lost in those bowls…so very cool.

  8. ang Says:

    stunning bowl detail and glaze too..yum

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