All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose…

Well, maybe not but it sounded like that. I thought that when Mom and Sofia were out of town that I’d get to sleep in and get lots of work done and do everything I don’t have time to do… duh! Sunglasses wakes me up at 6:30/7:00 and I start thinking while half asleep… “I better let her out or I will be punished by her leaving a mess on the floor.” So I drag my ass out of bed and go down and open the back door and come back upstairs and try (unsuccessfully) to go back to sleep. All of a sudden I hear this strange noise through my stupor and get up and look out the window and Sunglasses is under my sweet gum tree and two bluebirds are freaking out, making loud bluebird screams and dive bombing the pup. She, of course, is oblivious and I watch for a half a minute and they actually are touching her back as they dive down at her and it hits me that she has somehow gotten hold of their baby. So I hurriedly dress, put on my shoes with the orthotics and hobble downstairs through the little gathering piles of debris that the dog has made by chewing up stuff. I head out to see if I can save the little baby bluebird but it’s too late and the adults are diving at me. So I drag the dog in the house and go to inspect but the poor little thing’s a goner and I brave the gauntlet and put it over the fence so when I let Sunglasses back out she can’t get it… in my mind, I’m not enabling her bloodlust but I think she just likes to chew things that move. So I guess I get up early again. The hydrangea are starting to bloom…


Yesterday I was blissfully putting handles on cups and decided to try something different. These bulbous cups were just begging me to lop off parts so I did it on the one in the middle but after a while, I didn’t really like it all that much. I guess I’ll mull it over for a while and maybe figure out something similar that is interesting. Who knows, once it shrinks and gets a glaze, I might be looking at it some day and think… why didn’t I make more of these?, doubt it though.


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3 Responses to “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose…”

  1. gary Says:

    Totally gorgeous shapes there. AND you do have to try things, see what you think…

  2. Joel Blum Says:

    I like it. It really works well with your stylized handles and form. It’ll be fun to see what happen.

  3. Barbara Edwards Says:

    That inside cup curve is wild.
    It’s sad for the bluebirds but what does Sunglasses know about it – shoe, stuffed animal, bird in the yard – chew anything.

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