Still Life With Iguana…

Well, I recently did a post about the renovations my good friend Ig, in Iowa, had done on his house. One of the main reasons for the renovation was to make a formal painting studio as opposed to painting in spare room. Now that the studio is complete and it’s summer (a little time off from teaching), there’s been some painting goin’ on. Although Ig also does digital work (I’ll post some later), he does a lot of painting with acrylics also… clicking on pictures will give you a closer look…






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8 Responses to “Still Life With Iguana…”

  1. gary Says:


  2. Miri Says:

    What Gary said…

  3. Ron Says:

    Those are amazing!
    Just catching up on all my blog reading. Sounds like you’ve been busy, esp. w. Sunglasses.

  4. Meredith Says:

    great stuff! Love the contrast of theme-
    good lunch with SUN-gl-Asses- it will take awhile for her to settle in.
    Meanwhile hid your shoes!

  5. artistatexit0 Says:

    Nice to see more of Ig’s work!

  6. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Lots of layers of mood and meaning and metaphor . . .

  7. cynthia Says:

    Wow – your friend is talented! Very surrealistic – memento mori kind of vibe going on.

    In addition to hiding shoes form Sunglasses – same goes for glasses, and small electronics. My husband can vouch for this…although our dog also got the couch and chair we had just had reupholstered at the time – can’t hide those.

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