What Was I Thinking…

Got up for an idyllic morning in the backyard… sunny, 60 degrees, Sofia’s home, a hot cup of joe and … the demon dog, I’m gonna tattoo 666 on her side. We have a big pile of old wood leaning against the chain link fence from the demolition for the new studio I did last summer… (I just had to stop typing to go into my room because I heard a strange noise, she had jumped onto the bed and then leapt from there to the top of my dresser), anyway she’s been chasing baby birds and is driven. So she disappeared twice yesterday, out in the car scouring the neighborhood and it turns out she’s been climbing the stack of lumber debris and jumping over the fence. I spent 2 hours yesterday moving the pile of lumber so that she couldn’t use it to get over the fence. Back to this morning, I’m drinking coffee and she’s back by the pile but can’t get over the fence. Then she’s behind the pile and I sensed something and got up to see and she’s climbing the chain link fence without the aid of anything else and as I approach yelling “no” and “down”, she hurries and actually gets over the fence. So I caper over the fence and with my plantar fasciitis hobble down the alley after her. She ignores my calling and whistling and every time I stumble within a couple feet, she scurries just out of my reach. On we go down the alley leaving my 4 year old unattended in the backyard. I finally have to pretend that there’s something yummy in someone’s trash to get her to come within arm’s length, snatch her with my “catlike” reflexes and carry her home. Once back in the yard, I go back to my chair and my tepid coffee and she heads right back to the part of the fence where she got out and starts climbing again. So now I cannot leave her unattended in the backyard for even a minute… not sure what I need to do now but here’s the demon with her best bud (notice the grass stains from clambering over the morning glory covered fence)


Later we’re gonna stop by the Louisville Clay Club Annual Sale. It will be at a local farmer’s market and the weather’s perfect so it should be fun and Sofia will enjoy. Here’s another video, it’s a bit longer…


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9 Responses to “What Was I Thinking…”

  1. Charles the Potter Says:

    Get Ceasar Milan’s book on dog training. It’ll change everything if you follow the advice. It worked wonders on our dog.

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    Awesome video… crazy thin! I don’t think my stoneware clay would pull that off! 🙂

  3. gary Says:

    Maybe some maxiumum security measures, like razor wire, electrification???? GUARD TOWERS????
    C’mon, that sweet little dog can’t possibly be that naughty….
    and thanks for the movie, gonna watch it now!

  4. Joel Blum Says:

    Demon dog…. hehehhhehheh Well at least he’s a happy demon dog.

  5. Michael Mahan Says:

    That’s one thin bowl, Jim. I use the same technique of one rib on the inside and one on the outside all the time.


  6. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Escape artist dog climbs chain link fences! What a terrible talent. Puppies are so much work. Great picture of Sunglasses and Sofia. Thanks for the video.

  7. Meredith Says:

    I would go with the dog whisper too! I watch him even though I don’t have any dogs these days.
    They- who ever they are says it takes a year for an adopted dog to settle in. I don’t think you have a year. You could try a training collar which would give her a little shock when she goes to the fence.
    We have a tool called stop dog bark- which I carry when I walk. I can’t tell you what it says to the dog but it stops dogs from coming near me when I use it.
    I have had friends borrow it to train their dogs from bitting or getting into things – it does not hurt them.
    Look it up and keep making the pots.

  8. vernon town Says:

    Dude, I personally watched you throw a pot and It wasn’t that speedy.

  9. Michele Says:

    Our Jack Russel is 12 years old and still takes off on us if she gets half a chance. She doesn’t climb like she used to though….. I’ve tried the dog whisperer/leader of the pack thing on her for years – she is still taking off at any opportunity – we are just better trained about not giving her the opportunity. I am too old and out of shape to chase after her. Stick with it. They are still worth it all.

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