And Pretty Maids All In A Row…

I’m almost ready to immerse myself in the decoration phase which I’m always excited to begin and, after a while, excited to end. Some of the cups and bowls will just be bisqued sans elaborate brushwork if I can manage to fill a whole kilnload. Of course, the little chop on the bottom of each piece has to be done first. Here’s a shot of the cups waiting, then after the resist has been applied…



I took some shots of all of them after the etching was finished but the relief is not deep enough to show up unless there is a closeup so here’s a “macro” before and after shot…



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9 Responses to “And Pretty Maids All In A Row…”

  1. gary Says:

    Yeah, how the heck do ya get that on the bottoms anyway? You have a stencil and carve away?
    GORGEOUS collection of mugs, just the sweetest shapes.

  2. Joel Blum Says:

    Ahhhh yes… I’ve been hoping to get a look at how those were coming along. Wish I was a fly on the wall to watch the whole process.

  3. Miri Says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of mugs! Do you water etch that chop? How long does each one take? The result is so pretty! Like Joel, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in your studio!

    • jim Says:

      it doesn’t take that long to do one… a couple minutes to apply, but then you have to wait to water etch.

  4. Andrew Douglas Says:

    I think we need a video, because I can’t quite get my head around how this is done. It’s very neat though.

  5. Meredith Says:

    your work is cut out for you! Ready to go… we are glazing as well. The hardest one is the first pot and then away you go!
    I have been thinking about your sweet puppy- LOL- maybe she should be called number 9-number9-number9 would that be better then 666- cause when she rolls over to be petted then the numbers are 999-

  6. Michael Mahan Says:

    I agree with Andrew. I’m lost. If I had been exposed to the method, maybe I’d know what a chop is. I’m familiar with chops in music, chops in making firewood and the chops that I used to eat with sourkraut and mashed potatoes….

    I’m tempted to Google “Pottery chops.”
    Nice work, by the way, Jim.



  7. Amy H Says:

    Jim– It would be fun to see a video of how the water etching is done on the bottom of these. Beautiful…

  8. cynthia Says:

    Love the first 2 photos – I may steel them as desktop wallpaper for a tad as inspiration to get my behind in the studio more frequently!

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