Bowls And Stragglers…

Moved on to bowls yesterday and the size of my work table kinda determines how many pieces I can attack in one rotation. It’s not that big of a limitation but does prevent me from doing one step to everything, then another step to everything. Kinda liked to see a whole table of splattery bowls turned upside down though…


Here’s some stragglers too that still didn’t have handles. I’d like to say I intended to make a little creamer type thingie here but really this is what happens when one gets a bit too aggressive with the ribs while throwing. One second you’re pushing that clay to the limit of what you can get away with and the next that stuck rib is going around and around and around, and of course when you pry it lose, there’s no getting it back to being round. So lemonade from lemons?



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5 Responses to “Bowls And Stragglers…”

  1. gary Says:

    Those are the sexiest little mugs….still trying to figure out your bottom etching thing: do ya wax your design then later sponge away some clay?

  2. jim Says:

    thanks gary… as far as the etching, what you said is pretty much it

  3. cynthia Says:

    “this is what happens when one gets a bit too aggressive with the ribs while throwing…” hehehe – I do that all the time. It’s one of those “D’Oh” moments – or maybe too much swagger. Not sure…

  4. Pat Griffin Says:

    Hey Jim – those bowls are looking good. Love the way you do your mark on the bottom.

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Hi again Jim – I realized I posted above with my other “identity” (paycheck job) and didn’t want you to be wondering… “Who the heck is that?”…. It’s me. And your bowls are still looking good!

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