Turtles Can’t Climb Ladders…

Here’s another beautiful digital art print that my good friend Vern made. I particularly like this one because it seems primarily a black and white frame opening curtains onto a slightly more colorful and fantastic seascape…


This also happens to be Sofia’s favorite too, mostly because turtles can’t climb ladders or… can they? I mean it’s right there for all to see. So here’s her reaction when I was putting it up here today…


Moved on to the bigger bowls yesterday and put a couple shots together. I’m sure it gets a little monotonous to keep seeing more pics of upside down bowls but that’s all I have going on in the studio. Next week, I’ll get to the more detailed decoration.



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3 Responses to “Turtles Can’t Climb Ladders…”

  1. gary Says:

    I made that elephant mug next to Sofia 🙂

  2. Barbara Edwards Says:

    What a delighted Sofia look! Lots of really interesting details in Vern’s print – the colorful bird and the nautilus . . .

  3. filippo Says:

    Thank you very much Jim, and congratulations for your work and life. you can visit my garden in torino http://www.worldfoodgarden.org
    filippo name Ortocasa .
    I hope you visit again. Ciao

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