Not So Rare Studio Visit…

I was decorating away yesterday when I got a visit from a fellow potterer who was lookin’ to do a little decorating herself. A little brush, a little iron oxide wash, a little water with a toothbrush and she was set to go. Back during my throwing phase, Sofia had made about 70 little tiles of different shape so she had a plethora of choices to put wash on… of course she had to dip some in water first (hey, it’s her gig, who knows… I’ll probably end up stealing some technique from her). I’ve been assured over and over that stars and triangles are girls and squares and circles are boys. I know what you’re thinking and I was thinking that very thing too… triangles are most certainly boys and circles are girls but I let it go. After all she’s only 4 1/2 years old and she’ll find out soon enough. I understand that to let her go on this way for too long could result in the mental trauma of suddenly being told, on the playground perhaps, that triangles are boys. Hopefully, she could fire back something about Santa or the Easter Rabbit (or in France, the Easter Bell…<– how lame is that?), but she's such a sweet girl, she might not go tit for tat and let the little buggers have their delusions a bit longer. Anyway, here's some pics…





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3 Responses to “Not So Rare Studio Visit…”

  1. gary Says:

    OH MAN that big tile!
    That shirt of hers looks filthy. Probably a mix of berries jam and paint, eh? Everybody should enjoy life as much as Sofia! What would Sofia Do!

  2. filippo Says:

    Ciao Jim, fantastic Sofia!
    Yes,it was a great fortune working at the MAO. I have a number of good photos of Islamic tiles not published on the website of the museum
    if you want I can send you them for email. Now I’m preparing to open in September 2010 the Museum Pottery of Mondovi (Piedmont). Mondovì in 1800 there were many small factories producing ceramics for everyday use that have made history, they are called Ceramica Monregalese. A collector of ceramics at his death donated everything to a city and a major Italian bank, is sponsoring the new museum.
    To soon

  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Sofia is delightful. She’s a lucky girl to have so much freedom to play in a clay studio.

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