“He Was A Wise Man Who Invented Beer” – Plato…

Another trip to Sergio’s last night. My good friend Andy and I decided we’d better make a trip to Sergio’s World of Beer at least one more time because his lease is up in 11 days or so and Sergio’s is in Shelbyville, KY which is a good 40 minute drive for us. Who’d know passing by that this inauspicious exterior housed well over 800 different kinds of beer… a veritable beer drinker’s path to nirvana. Here’s a shot of my buddy, Andy, actually on the way out becauase we forgot to take a pic on the way in (probably, the anticipation was too intense). Notice the big smile on his face…


Upon entering, we were greeted by a sign that said, “ask about story”… a little cryptic but we bit. Much to our delight, Sergio’s is moving to Louisville and Story Avenue is the new location. The Story Ave. location is a mere 5 minute bicycle ride from my house so we may never be far from many, many beers again. The move to Louisville had been speculated during the last visit but we had never dared hope it would be so close. So… onward to a true picture of a happy man…


And of course the requisite glamour shots…


In case your interested, I started with a draft… a Clipper City Loose Cannon Hop 3. Describing beer is very difficult and takes an educated palette which I do not possess… let’s just say that this beer was presbyterian with a wooden knock <– old joke but I couldn't resist. Next, I had one of my faves, Rogue's Brutal Bitter… yum. Andy loves those Belgian beers, particularly the trappist ales and had a Balthazar and an Achel. He seemed very happy with these choices. So for my third beer I couldn't resist getting a Monty Python Holy Grail Ale. Imagine how thrilled I was when Sergio showed up to pour my beer in a ceramic goblet! Here’s Sergio (sorry a bit blurry… and maybe bleary too)…


The goblet was a trip and I have to point out (click for larger picture) that below the name of the beer on the bottle it says… “Tempered Over Burning Witches”. How great is that?


And a good time was had by all. Can’t wait to welcome Sergio to his new location right here in my neighborhood… hurray!

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11 Responses to ““He Was A Wise Man Who Invented Beer” – Plato…”

  1. John Bauman Says:

    I know we’re I’ll be stopping while at the St James Court Art Show.

  2. gary Says:

    holy cats there IS a god!!!!!!!! 5 mins????? goodness…..

  3. Gordo Says:

    I love Holy Grail Ale … 🙂

    Man, if I thought our livers could handle it, my brother and I would plan a road-trip. LOL

  4. Heidi Says:


  5. Meredith Says:

    Gary hit the nail on the head-
    5 minutes from your house- I see trouble brewing……..
    or is that witches!

  6. AnneW Says:

    I love it! That chalice is brilliant. So how did it taste?

  7. ken Says:

    Is it going to be open by July1? I can’t wait!

    • jim Says:

      not sure, i doubt it because the last day of the lease is june 30. is that when you’re coming?

  8. elfriede Says:

    is that rogue the oregon rogue?

    • jim Says:

      hey elf, yes it’s them. i love their beer and never was able to find brutal bitter in a bottle before.

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