Teapot Gift…

Went to dinner at my good friends, Jeff and Susie’s house. We were meeting because another friend named Jeff was visiting from Costa Rica, where he recently went native. He has no regrets but I guess he misses sushi. I think I could make that trade without a problem. Anyway, the first Jeff taught ceramics in Tempe, Arizona for years before moving back to Louisville about 4 years ago. So as we were leaving, they gave me this teapot that he had made in Arizona which I am very happy to own now. I recognized the dog but the pieces that I’m familiar with that Jeff makes are wall reliefs mostly with animals and carnival type imagery (he also used to do a lot of drawings with melted crayons and digging through the layers). Unfortunately, Jeff doesn’t have a website and I can’t get any digital imagery.


Things are cookin’ in the garden too… here’s a shot of one of my faves, Monarda Didyma or bergamot. Everyone calls it bee balm and the bees do love it, in fact there were bees on it while I took this photo but the damn things wouldn’t alight and pose for a photo so all the pictures just had a blurry thing hovering around the flower. I’ve been told that this is used to make Earl Grey tea and I wasn’t sure but wikipedia says that Earl Grey is flavored with oil from the bergamot orange, a mediterranean citrus fruit… a completely different plant. I’m sure Linda Starr knows everything there is to know about this plant. Here’s a pic…


Finally, here’s a pic of the Asian avocado squash blossom. This is doing wonderfully so far and figuring on TSD (total squirrel destruction), this may be the last thriving shot of the plant I get.



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2 Responses to “Teapot Gift…”

  1. gary Says:

    The teapot is a little cutie!!!! I love the bunny!

  2. Joel Blum Says:

    Hey… I studied at ASU in Tempe from 95 to 99. Some of it was in the ceramics department… we probably just missed each other, what’s Jeff’s surname?

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