Taking An About Face (Book)…

After resisting quite some time, the plunge into Facebook happened a week or so ago. My intention was to set up a “business” page so the “fans” could follow it and be alerted when there was something going on at the blog or on etsy… but after setting things up on the blog, etsy and even TWIT-er, I found Facebook to be much more counter-intuitive. Anyway, I managed to muck it all up and ended up with two pages and hardly any fans. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it, it’s Facebook’s fault. Anyway, although it seems redundant, the purpose of this post is to request fans on Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Facebook Page. At first I thought, well someone reading this is already here but then it occurred to me that someone without a blog or who just likes FB more might rather become a fan and be alerted to new content that way. It’s a tangled web we weave. After I post this, I can go to Sofia’s Dad’s page on FB and link to a blog post here requesting that one visits FB and see the post there about the post here. Is all this really necessary? One thing I hear over and over is… (I’m paraphrasing) “after I update my blog, Facebook, Twitter and check Etsy, I don’t have any time to make pots.” That being said go on over to FB and become a fan if the spirit moves you. When signing up on FB, I thought… well it’s FACE book and maybe I should have a picture of my FACE as the little icon associated with all my actions there. I’m not particularly photogenic and thought maybe I should use this picture…


I decided against it as it is not a current picture and I didn’t want to mislead anyone. I settled on a little yunomi picture that is still big enough to make out what it is… here’s what the page looks like now, maybe I’ll see you there.



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12 Responses to “Taking An About Face (Book)…”

  1. gary Says:

    Facebook=time suck, but I am giving it a chance!

  2. ron Slagle Says:

    Your right about facebook, I have tried to use it and I get lost in jungle of games and misdirections I end up taking. Good comments.

  3. Charles the Potter Says:

    I can’t get facebook search to find it..can you post the actual URL here in the comments?

  4. Charles the Potter Says:

    I have found FB to be an amazing tool.. give it a chance and it’ll work out. ALSO check out FB advertising..inexpensive and very targeted. Here’s my fan page.


  5. Charles the Potter Says:

    You can also use FB “notes” to automatically import your wordpress blog. Cross posting is nice. I do my original posts at Multiply.com and it exports to blogger and livejournal and FB automatically imports from multiply, so no matter where your friends hang out, they can enjoy your blogs 🙂

    I just can’t bring myself to twitter..nope. sorry 😦

  6. jim Says:

    linda, i’m so glad you visit regularly and i think anyone old enough (as me not you) to remember monty python’s twit olympics has to get past the name a bit. it’d be the same to me as if they called it “dolting” instead of “tweeting” or “prattle”.

  7. Charles the Potter Says:

    Here’s what I have done with FB. I have my own personal page, then I have Hughes Pottery Fan Page(85 fans). I have about 405 friends on FB personally..mostly folks I went to school with, or have met working the various fairs. (So it’s worth it to take the time to answer all the questions about where you went to school and let it raid your address book.) When I post new pictures to the fan pages and someone comments on it..at least one of the 490 people will comment on it, then it gets sent out to their friends too, and if one of them comments it goes out to their friends. It becomes viral very quickly. I always have a link pointing to my hughespottery.etsy.com site, or to the current fair where my work can be found. which strangely enough is right in Jim’s State for another few weeks. I recently took out a facebook ad for two days announcing that my work could be found at the Renaissance Faire in Eminance, KY and I gained nearly 15 fans and one person posted they had been to the fair and purchased a mug. That means that all their friends on FB saw that post too. I plan on doing more advertising as my work moves from KY to PA at the end of July. I am thrilled with FB impact..since I started this just a few months ago I have probably sold 2K worth of pots because of the connections made through FB.

    So it’s great for building a national customer base and it’s nearly like word of mouth advertising, but faster. Friend to Friend to Friend in the blink of an eye. Spreading faster than the swine flu 🙂

  8. John Bauman Says:

    I just don’t “get” facebook. Of course, I’m not really “getting” blogging either. Nothing I do aside from just the plain ol’ work of uploading more pots to my site brings me any more buzz.

    …besides, facebook also kinda creeps me out.

  9. Jason Says:

    I’m new to FB, too. It’s a like/hate thing. I don’t love it, ever.

    I do, however, get blogging! From first month I have really enjoyed it.

    Okay. You talked me into being your friend!

  10. Eugene Hon Says:

    I don’t even have enough time to visit my friends, to spend quality time with them, face to face – let alone spent time chatting on Face book. There is not enough time to make blog entries, visit other blogs, then there is my academic responsibilities (lecture), time to make ceramic sculptures, before that there is the need to do the research to make the work, do the drawings as reference to construct the work. I dont even get to all my emails where does it all begin and end. I don’t want these systems to manage my time. Prioritize and focus is what I say – don’t feed the recluse in you and or become aloof – the internet and related activities can absorb all one’s time.

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