Testing, Testing…

I was being a twit a week or so again and Matt and Dave’s Clays was on there and they have a new porcelain that they’re selling. Anyway, they sent me a sample and I told them that I’d give it a try and let them know what I thought. Well, although it’s difficult to really tell just from throwing two little bowls what the clay would be like if it was all I used, I will describe as best I can the differences from what I do use. First, it is much finer (mesh-wise) than what I use… in fact it feels much like I expected porcelain would feel when I decided to move from stoneware to porcelain. I would guess that the coarsest mesh ingredient is significantly finer than the coarsest mesh ingredient in my clay. Is this good or bad? I couldn’t say. Also, it seemed to not absorb water as much while throwing so it was unnecessary to continually add water. This could be a good thing, I suppose, but after I get to a certain point, the ribs come out and all surface water is “ribbed” off at that point. It seemed to be very responsive to the throwing actions (centering, opening, pulling up, and finishing and in my case, even chattering). I will probably go ahead and see how the hydro-abrasion works and fire the little bowls too. Here they are…



I realize that that is nowhere near as comprehensive as Jeff Campana’s testing will be once it’s complete but I think that Jeff has much more experience throwing different clay bodies than I do. So in conclusion, I could definitely see myself using this clay if I was considering a change but I don’t have a problem with the clay body I currently use. Maybe I’ll get 100 lbs. sometime and then at least I will have thrown enough to be sure one way or the other how much I like it. But from a throwing point of view, I would recommend it. Also, I would like to mention that on their blog, Slipcast-The Ceramics Blog, Matt has compiled a list of 304 ceramics blogs. If you have a ceramics blog and are not on the list or know of a ceramic blog that’s not on the list, let him know and I’m sure he will add it as I think he’s trying to make it comprehensive. I was looking for a picture of something and stumbled on this odd vase…



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7 Responses to “Testing, Testing…”

  1. gary Says:

    Gorgeous vase my man and maybe I’ll have my blog added to that list….

  2. gary Says:

    I was already on thee, how ’bout that….
    BTW, how is the BUG and the DAWG?

    • jim Says:

      hi gary, things are improving with the DAWG… sofia’s having a fun summer so far

  3. gary Says:

    there! sticky r

  4. Eugene Hon Says:

    Nothing like a porcelain thrown bowl, once turned at the leather hard stage (bone like) – it almost has that burnished look about it (so smooth). I’m not a thrower but really like that stage of the clay; quality of the light on the bowl etc.. The only time that the fired ware looks like the clay is wet, that greyish colour, is in salt firing to 1250. every mark shows up, even finger prints. I just luv that particular look. Somehow when it is fired the ware changes dramatically – a different look altogether.
    The vase, is that on glaze decoration? – very different look altogether. I like the relief aspect of your work. texture for me just brings that added dimension to the ware.

  5. jen mecca Says:

    I was just reading you entry about the ant farm. I have a similar story about prey mantis we “hatched” last year! Good stuff trying to catch massive amounts of bugs in a kids room!
    Great story..jen

  6. Matt And Dave’s Clay… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] jim A while back Matt sent me some of Matt and Dave’s Porcelain For The People and I did a post about how I thought it threw. Although a bit different from the clay I’m used to which I […]

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