Went to the gastroenterologist’s office yesterday and took my camera again. While waiting I noticed this chart describing all the various things that may be wrong with me. Although there was no mention of “too many habanero peppers” on the chart, it did seem comprehensive in its explanations. The strangest one to me seemed to be the one labeled “ACHALASIA”, I had never heard of it before and the picture didn’t seem similar to the other disorder illustrations… I hope I don’t have that one…


I’m not getting a lot done this week. My brother’s family was here on Tuesday and Sofia’s friend, Natalie, is visiting from Florida. Since it’s difficult for Floridians to have fun with water-related recreation activities, we customized the sandbox for some watery fun.



I would never be so bold as to say that the dog is house trained, in fact I got that “uh oh, I just jinxed it” feeling just now when I typed the words but we are now at 8 consecutive days without ICE (indoor canine excretions)… so we’re currently in the midst of normal puppy hyperactivity. Here’s the little demon during the sandbox olympics…



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6 Responses to “GERD, GIRLS and No ICE…”

  1. Andrew Douglas Says:

    Have you been at the limoncello again? (you’ve certainly been at the photo shop.)

    For about ten minutes I believed it was real…

  2. gary Says:

    HOLY Cats! Puppies can cause indigestion????????????????
    Man, your house is heaven. Kids can go outside and GET FILTHY. Do you hose them off before they go inside?

  3. ang Says:

    good one, i totally missed it til i read andy’s comment…

  4. Amy H Says:

    i´m in an airport in Bolivia, just having visited family where at every meal there was this very hot salsa (yahwah: phonetic spelling) that they seem to put on everything. Word is that they think it also helps keep them healthy. Great pics of the girls!

  5. Andy Says:

    I think ICE is a symptom of Achalasia. You might want to get that checked.

    Looking forward to more Olympics!

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