Happy 5th of July…

Didn’t post yesterday… it was the 5th of July. There’s a lot of hoopla around the 4th but I like the 5th and I take the last fireworks stragglers as a sign that maybe someone else is celebrating the 5th too. So happy 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and on and on through to October 30th. I like to think of this particular stretch of the year as the Curmudgeon’s Break because it’s the longest holiday free segment of the year… I know Labor Day’s in there but there’s not much hoopla surrounding it and no obligations for me (except that damn southern regulation about men not wearing white or ecru pantaloons after Labor Day – I can’t tell you how much of an imposition that is on my lifestyle). Of course this may be due to capitalism completely obliterating any interest in socialism in the early 1900’s… oops, sorry. How idyllic to allow fun to happen without the pressure of a predetermined date. In the occasional fantasy of “if it was up to me”, I would make every 5th year or every 10th at least a non-holiday year. These Leap Non-Holiday years would still give everyone the same number of days off from work, they would just be free days to do whatever you like. I know it wouldn’t work but it’s my fantasy and I’m sticking with it. Sofia and I spent the 5th together and we didn’t have a cookout, no fireworks, no drinking, no carousing, no family gatherings, no closed grocery stores, just me and her spending the day with the demon dog having fun in our own banal and un-predetermined way. Today, I’m not hung over and the numbness has left my right middle finger however, I did jinx the 10 day string of no ICE (indoor canine excretions) which is how Sunglasses celebrated the 5th I guess. It’s true, she lulled me into a false sense of security and there it was. I won’t go into the details only to say cleaning it up was not like picking your gimme putt up off the surface of the 18th green on your way to the clubhouse and I was very angry at myself for not being more vigilant. Haven’t decided to start glazing or do second bisque but one or t’other. Here’s some digital art that my good friend Vern made…

Parrot Doll


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One Response to “Happy 5th of July…”

  1. gary Says:

    whatever you cleaned off the rug probably had bits of blue pail in it….

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